Novice Campers (Or perhaps Glampers)


My husband and I disagree - I think we went camping, he doesn't. In fact, I think we may have fallen into the 'glamping' category, but that word is just... not good. We spent two nights in a rustic wood cabin which was equipped with bunk beds, two futons, a mini-fridge, stove-top, electricity, and a fan. It did not come with bedding or dishes or a bathroom. In any case, we had a great time, and here's what I learned from our rookie 'camping' trip!

When deciding on a packing list, envision how said items will fit in the car. Having to bring our own bedding meant that we needed 3 top sheets, 3 blankets, and 4 pillows. That alone takes up an extremely large amount of space. Perhaps seasoned campers skip the pillows? Or perhaps I could have chosen flatter ones to bring.

Try to buy wine with a screw cap. hahaha... I actually did try to do this but the wine we wanted had a cork, so we made sure to bring our opener along. We also made sure to pre-grind our coffee beans, and bring coffee mugs. I took the kids with me to pick out some 'special treats' before we left, which included Frozen paper cups, Dory napkins, and mini-cereals that came in their own bowls.

Bring candles, or other 'nice' things to brighten up your rustic space. At the last minute I threw some glass jars and tea lights into my bag, and I was so thankful! After the kids went to bed, I tidied up and lit candles around our little space. It was so relaxing to have nothing else to do except read by candle-light... no laundry to worry about or bathrooms to clean. Speaking of which, the shared bathroom was about a 2-minute walk from our cabin, and it was decent. The kids both have aversions to outhouses and will not use them, but this 'modern' bathroom met their expectations.

Pre-prep veggies and fruits, and plan exactly what to bring for meals. I didn't want to just live on chips for three days, although I'm pretty sure we went through three bags:( Preparing veggies beforehand was a great time saver and ensured we got some vegetables in our dinners. We roasted potatoes, cauliflower, and carrots over the fire... and while the potatoes were a bit of a fail the other two were delicious.

Even though the weather forecast was hot, hot, hot, I packed long pants and t-shirts for all of us. We put them on around dinner, and they helped keep the bugs away. We also brought bug spray, of course, but didn't have to use it much other than around ankles and feet.

Poor Poppy skipped a couple naps, so by the end of the day she was pretty tired. She's quite the trooper though...always up for anything and not afraid to put her feet in the water, get muddy, or climb a ridiculously high play structure that was right around the corner from us!

If you are ever interested in renting a Hecla cabin, they go on sale in March/April when the provincial campsites open. I logged on around 9am when the system opened at 7, and was only able to get 2 consecutive nights - and they were a sunday/monday. Next year I may try to log on right when it opens, and get 3 or 4 nights. There are a handful of deluxe cabins that are pretty much lake front, and it would be fun to invite some friends or family out to join us. 

Here's a few glamping links that caught my eye...

This campsite in mexico looks amazing... and $40 per night?!

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Hecla Village


An hour and a half north of Winnipeg, there exists a charming little village called Hecla. It is situated along the shores of Lake Winnipeg, and Icelandic settlers arrived in the area over 100 years ago. Being that my family is of Icelandic heritage, I'm interested in the local history and have visited the area before - but not for quite some time. 

The kids loved exploring the historic village - especially the old school house. There is something about one-room schoolhouses that just seem so charming. I can't imagine attending the same school for all of your years of education, but I must say their view was spectacular! I happily would have daydreamed my days away looking out at the expanse of Lake Winnipeg, and the sea of white that it becomes in the winter. 

You'll notice we had Kya with us - the whole area is extremely dog friendly and she LOVED being included. Before we had kids, Kya came pretty much everywhere with us. Sadly, things have changed in the last few years. It's hard to believe that she's nearly ten.

We stayed at the Hecla campground, but rented a cabin. I'll share more details on the cabin in another post - but it was a great option for us and very affordable. While exploring and adventuring is always fun with these two, lately things seem to have just 'clicked'. They are easy to be with, listen well, and can pretty much handle whatever it is we are doing. And it doesn't have to be a big adventure. The smiles on their faces when we throw rocks off a pier are almost as big as their smiles at disneyland.

Little miss attitude


Poor Tyler unfortunately gets this look a lot. Miss Poppy is rather opinionated about things, and she tends to prefer me over Tyler. Sometimes this is sweet for me, as I know it's just a phase, and other times its a little bit stifling.

It's hard to believe she is only two and a half - a few weeks back someone asked if we had twins. She's tall for her age and very independent, except when it comes to me and then she just wants to be a baby. Speaking of babies, it is so cute to watch your baby 'nurse' her baby dolls and sing them lullabies. This morning I came out of the bathroom to see Poppy had three 'babies' lined up on a blanket on her floor. The blanket was perfectly spread out - she takes particular attention to details like that. I tried to eavesdrop for a moment but was spotted, so I'm not exactly sure what she was saying to the 'babies'. Something entertaining, I'm sure.

This fall she starts a three-day-a-week montessori program, and I think she'll love it. We got some letters in the mail explaining some of the schools philosophy, such as not helping with coats and outerwear at the door as it's something the children should learn to do on their own. No problems here... we hear 'I do it SELF' all day long. She often helps her brother with buttons or zippers. For all the attitude she can be just as sweet as pie, and we sure do have fun with her. Just don't get on her bad side!