Winter Mornings


On our way home from Soren's hockey game this morning, we just had to pull over and take some pictures of the beautiful fog and frost. We frolicked in a farmers field for a few minutes before our feet started to turn to icicles, so we got back into the car and decided we needed croissants. Fresh bread is surprisingly hard to come by on a sunday, but luckily le croissant in st. boniface saved the day.

It seems like weekends these days are getting increasingly busier. Gone are the saturdays of pyjama breakfasts, leisurely walks to the coffee shop, and afternoon naps. Now we have hockey practices, ballet, costco runs, birthday parties, and more hockey. It's not a bad thing, it's just a different phase of life that we are entering into - that's a little more structured. On route to these activities, sometimes we have to stop and "smell the roses", or more accurately, lick an icicle.

Christmas Shopping with Kids


If I have the chance, I love to shop by myself. It can be so relaxing to wander through stores, coffee in hand, and not have to worry about anyone else. However... it's clearly not always a possibility, and sometimes, shopping with kids in tow can be extra special.

Last weekend we took an impromptu trip to Pineridge Hollow, and first on our agenda was their beautiful general store. Every square inch was decorated for the holidays, and they were offering complimentary hot apple cider and cookies which really made shopping more enjoyable for these two! And me too, of course - shopping is always better with a drink in hand!

We needed to pick out a tree topper as our old one met with Miss Poppy's less-than-gentle-hands. After seeing all the cute decorations, we also let the kids each choose an ornament. Poppy picked a tiny snow globe, and Soren a small white deer. He kept repeating that we need to make this an annual tradition, and I think he's right. It's funny how a store like this would have terrified me a year ago... lots of breakables and toddlers are not a good mix. But at three and five, they listen pretty well and can generally be counted on to behave like decent human beings. On good days, at least:)

Getting in the Holiday Spirit


Perhaps because the weather has been so unseasonably warm this year, we've had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. I kind of feel like halloween just ended, and yet here we are - only a few (5!) weeks away from christmas.

This afternoon we were lying pretty low with no real plans to leave the house, when I saw some adorable instagram shots while scrolling through my feed. It turns out that Pineridge Hollow was having a holiday open house, so we pulled ourselves together and hopped in the car. The kids immediately fell asleep, which is rather uncharacteristic these days, and as we left the city limits we began to see some dustings of snow. We woke the kids up and they were delighted to see snow - both of them ran out of the car to touch it for themselves.

And Pineridge Hollow... wow are we glad we came! They had beautiful indoor and outdoor displays, including hot apple cider, a huge cookie bar, a roaring bonfire, and a s'more station. I'll have to share some interior shots in another post, along with the ornaments the kids selected. We had the campfire to ourselves as we made s'mores and cozied up with festive blankets. The animals were decked out in their holiday best, and even Soren patted them. Every scene was perfectly set, from the christmas carols to the chill in the air to the crackle of the fire. I was particularly impressed by the thought that went into the s'more station - even though we were coming at the tail end of an extremely busy weekend, there was still snacks to be had and everything was clean and organized.

The kids are at the ages where traditions are becoming so important, and Soren was quick to decide that Pineridge Hollow must become a yearly tradition:) It was the perfect kick-off to our holidays!