Cleaning the house


If you are like me, you may WISH for a clean house a whole lot more than you actually clean it:) I find it really stressful to look around and see clutter and mess, but I've yet to figure out a solution to keeping things as clean as I would like. I'll make little deals with myself like, ok - if you clean for 20 minutes you can have a chocolate chip cookie, or maybe a glass of wine.

Clutter is starting to bother me less than actual dirt, especially as Blake is getting more mobile and rolls around on the floor. It's one thing to leave a bunch of books out... another to have to pluck dog hairs off of her when I pick her up:( Anyways, suffice to say that I would LIKE to have a clean and spotless house, yet typically it does not happen.

That's why I was THRILLED when a new company contacted me about a cleaning service they were offering. Mopify is a modern cleaning service that you can schedule entirely online, without consultations or having to commit to weekly or monthly cleanings. I have had two house cleaners in the past, but found that the cost was prohibitive when I'm on maternity leave. I had to commit to bi-weekly cleanings, and while that's great, it was a little expensive. I also had one cleaner where I had to have the dog out of the house... another little step that adds up to inconvenience.

I loved my cleaning with mopify - especially that I could do it all online. I picked a day and time, entered my house size, chose a few options and that was it. On the day of the cleaning I had planned to be at home, but nap times and school drop-offs intervened. I texted them asking if I could leave a key in the mailbox, and that was it. We came home a couple hours later to a very clean house, and a very friendly cleaning lady who chatted with the kids and asked if there was anything else I would like her to do.

I'm planning to use mopify again for myself, but I also think it would be a fantastic gift to an overwhelmed family of a new baby, or someone who's struggling to balance it all. It was very reasonable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Mopify is offering $20 off all bookings with the following link -

Also - Mopify is offering two Gift Certificates, each valued at $100. Leave a comment below to be entered to win! I will randomly select 2 winners on Friday, January 19.
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The Linden Girls


Our traditional family photos looked a little different this year... and I really struggled with scheduling a session. In the end, I decided to go for it and I'm glad I did. I'm missing my best guy in these photos, but it's sweet having some of just the girls:)

Blake is 4 months now! As of yesterday she is officially out of the newborn stage, I think? Pretty sure 0-3 is classified as newborn. She is a very sweet baby - minus her sleep issues. The kids and I love to get her to laugh and giggle, which is relatively easy as she is super ticklish.

Tutus and Bows and Buns


I never really thought of myself as particularly girly... but having two little girls makes me want to dress them in tutus and pink and florals all day long! It was Poppy's ballet open house last week, so we finally got to take some pictures. There is a strict 'no photos' rule for everyday except the open house, and it kills me every week!

Tyler took a million pictures and it's going to take me some time to edit the dancing ones, but trust me they are adorable! People keep asking if Blake looks like Soren and Poppy, and the short answer is yes. Some days she looks more like Soren, and other times more like Poppy. I think she's a pretty nice mix of both of them, and is developing her own sweet little look.