The best of friends


I'm not sure if it is the change in weather or what, but these two are inseparable these days. The first thing Poppy does every morning is run into Soren's bed and cuddle with him, or jump on him and wake him up - which he never seems to mind. Soren tells Poppy numerous times a day, 'I love you cutie-Pop', and 'you're the cutest baby in the world'. It is adorable. 

Soren never really had any issues with Poppy when she arrived on the scene, but he wasn't super interested in her for the first few months. It took a little while for him to start including her in his family stories, but now she's the first person he talks about. He tells her everything that they are doing... 'We are going to GRANDMA'S tomorrow, baby Pop. It is going to be SO MUCH FUN! Aren't you excited, Pop-bop?' 

They hold hands in the car, they share their food, and they hug and kiss whenever they are going to be separated. If Poppy is doing something dangerous or 'wrong', Soren is really concerned. 'MOMMY! Pop has the dog food and she's putting it in her mouth!!! She's not supposed to do that!' I seriously find myself smiling all day when I am around these two - between Soren's non-stop chatter and Pop's dare-devil attitude. She is up for anything, that one. And Soren will talk about it for days.

Granola Bars - crunchy or chewy?


The kids and I like eating baked goods - things like cookies and granola bars and muffins. While I know they are not great for us, I feel a little better serving up homemade treats, as opposed to store bought. During naptime today I made chewy granola bars, and then we debated over which is better - crunchy or chewy? My personal favourite are these babies from the Oh She Glows cookbook. Soren says he prefers chewy, and Poppy will eat anything. 

This recipe was adapted from this one on all recipes. Do you save favourite recipes to pinterest? Or are there other recipe-saving systems out there that I don't know about? When I feel like baking I usually glance at my pinterest board, but lately I've been inconsistent about pinning things. I need some new baking inspiration - like petite raisin's gorgeous lemon madeline cookies. I've got to try those one of these days. 

Anyways, here's the recipe. The best part about homemade granola bars is they are so easy to make. I aways have the ingredients on hand, and there is just no taste comparison to a box of quaker bars. 

Chewy Granola Bars:

one - preheat the oven to 350, and butter a 9 x 13 inch baking dish

two - in a medium bowl, combine the following:

 - 2 cups of rolled oats
 - 1 cup whole wheat flour
 - 3/4 cup brown sugar
 - 1/3 cup ground flax seed
 - dash of cinnamon

three - combine these wet ingredients, and add to the dry mixture

 - 1/2 cup of honey
 - 1 egg, lightly beater
 - 1/2 cup of vegetable oil
 - splash of vanilla

four - mix everything together and add about a cup of raisins. Dump into greased pan and pat down. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until the edges are browning and the top looks golden. Let cool for a few minutes, and slice into bars. I store in a sealed glass jar, or wrap individually with sarap wrap (perfect for lunches). Makes about a dozen large bars. 


Egg Hunters


On Sunday morning we woke up early (as we pretty much do every day), and hurried downstairs to see if the easter bunny had visited during the night. He had! Soren knew exactly what to do, while little Poppy wasn't quite so sure. We tried to tell her to put her eggs in her basket, but once she found one she wasn't about to give it up.

After filling their baskets, we tried to sit down for breakfast. Poppy ate her plate, hopped off her chair, and crawled up to Soren's spot and ate his breakfast too. Soren ate nothing. Typical. We then changed into our easter best and headed to my parents house. The car ride there was filled with questions about what the easter bunny might have brought... most specifically, Soren had it in his head that the easter bunny might have brought him a starwars yoda car. We explained that this was very unlikely, as the easter bunny typically just brings candy, and even if he did bring a small present the odds were against it being a yoda car. Usually, he hypes these things up in his head and then promptly bursts into tears when he's presented with a very nice gift - but it's not what he's envisioning.

So... imagine our surprise when he opened up a present that was a starwars yoda car!!! There were plenty of squeals of excitement. Poppy started to get the hang of easter, and of course wanted to eat every egg she spotted. I'm pretty sure Grandpa obliged her:)

I must say easter was tiring this year. A full day of over-sugared kids and multiple outings can feel a bit overwhelming. We had fun - it's just one of those days where you collapse in bed at the end of the day and wonder why? Why so many candies? Why all the presents? The kids would have been happy with one egg each... but then you remember that easter comes but once a year, and being a little tired is a small price to pay for all of the smiles that were shared over the day. Not just by us, but by our loving and thoughtful grandparents and family and friends. We are so lucky to be tired. And on the way home from easter dinner, Soren excitedly told us from the back seat... 'Mommy and Daddy! I found Jesus!' What a way to end the day...