Biking in Winnipeg


After a few years of one of us having a bike, or one of the bikes being out of commission, or not having a bike carrier - we finally have all of our biking items! Except for adult helmets... we definitely need to buy a couple of those as we felt irresponsible riding around (cautiously) without them.

Our day started with a coffee stop at little sister in Osborne Village. It was clearly the spot to be for the under five crowd... I ran into an old co-worker and our kids immediately hit it off with a shared love of lego. A toddler with a push chair/tricycle was the coolest kid around, and all the kids took turns going for rides. A quick stop it was not, but we had no plans other than to "bike all day" so we were not in a rush.

From the village we headed across the bridge and onto the river trail. Depending on the weather, some years the trail is under water for the majority of the summer. Conditions were perfect on sunday and we passed joggers, walkers, and fishermen along the way.

The trail leads to The Forks which has one of the best playgrounds in the city, so we knew it was time for our next break. The kids ran around for awhile until we realized we were hungry, and so into the forks we went for lunch. The common areas have recently been renovated and look great, although we were disappointed to see beer and wine stands set up - but not yet open. All the shiny new beer taps were making us thirsty! Soren and Poppy shared a hotdog and fries from Skinners, while Tyler and I tried some Sri Lankan food. I picked up a bottle of wine for later, and we had to stop at Sugar Mountain for a sugar fix.

Thinking the kids might fall asleep in the carrier, we decided to keep riding and explore a little. We rode over the provencher bridge and took a left - not really knowing where we were going. After awhile we ended up in a park with some great bike trails, and stopped to explore under a train bridge. Poppy had fallen asleep by this point, but Soren put on his adventurous hat and called out "Follow me, mommy!"

Feeling like we'd hit our goal of biking all day (around 4 hours), we headed home where we relaxed with smoothies on the back deck. We had also picked up a great little bike map at the farmers market, so we were eager to plan more adventures. I gotta say - biking is awesome! And Winnipeg has a surprisingly number of bike paths that I had never known about before. We can't wait to explore more.

St. Norbert Farmers Market


It's back! Our favourite saturday morning activity - the St. Norbert Farmers Market. Located just a few minutes south of the city, it is a ritual we've been doing since Soren was a few days old. The sun was shining as we sipped coffees, bought the best eggs, and watched the kids climb on things that they probably shouldn't be.

I didn't get a chance to fully appreciate the band while we were there, but luckily Tyler snapped a picture. Are they not the sweetest looking group?!

Our favourite finds at the market include:
Wildfire Farms - the best pork chops and bacon
Spenst Brothers Premium Meats - smokies and farmers sausage
Natures Farm - eggs and pasta - the garlic lemon pepper linguine is delicious
l'epi de blĂ© - delicious french baked goods

p.s. - I need a pedicure! So does Tyler... we both usually indulge once per year. Pretty sure that will be our next date night activity:)

Learning to garden - Dads know best


I do zero gardening in our house. If we had the space, I might be into planting a vegetable garden, but even then I would probably hand the reins over to Tyler. He definitely has the green thumb in our family, and luckily he loves to share all of his hobbies with the kids. Poppy is all about being a helper, so she eagerly follows him around the garden and asks lots of questions. Usually about "baby" flowers.

On sunday afternoon we headed to lacoste garden centre to look around and pick up a few new plants. Nurseries are so peaceful... while my green thumb may be non-existent I do appreciate the beauty of plants and flowers. While Poppy and Tyler explored, I hung back and took some photos. They had originally wanted to go out just the two of them, but I weaselled my way in on the pretence that I wanted to practice taking photos. We slowly wandered up and down the aisles, taking a lot of time to hunt for the greenhouse cat. All of a sudden I looked down and saw poor Soren, completely passed out. We got a lot of amused looks from fellow shoppers after that - one lively two year old chatting up a storm, the other kid sleeping on the metal grates of a cart. I did take pity on him and tucked a sweater under his head:)