Watch and repeat


This so accurately describes Poppy's personality - very focused, very intent. If food is involved, she is definitely interested. And those pony-tails?!

Tomorrow is Friday - yay! - and I'm prepping for another work trip. This one is shorter, but I still have a lot to do before catching a 6am flight on sunday morning. I think my poor husband is feeling a little sorry for himself, not that I blame him. It's hard to manage these two crazy kids on your own. I keep saying I'm going to plan a weekend away for the two of us... but we're not quite on the same page about what to do. He wants a quiet kid-free weekend at home, I was more thinking a week-end away (another city) where we could go out for leisurely meals, see some art galleries, and linger in random coffee shops. I think all Tyler wants is un-interupted sleep. I'm trying to convince him that he could get a great nights sleep somewhere else... but we will see. I'm usually up for more adventures, while he prefers to stick closer to home. To me, if I'm staying at home I want my babies with me! My initial thought was just to plan something and surprise him... but I'm the one that likes surprises, not him. And sadly that works out to me never getting any surprises either. One day. In the meantime, we will ponder and debate, and hopefully actually make a plan one of these days. It's hard to find time to be by ourselves, the two of us, and I think we owe it to each other to make something happen.

Pop street style / update 17 months


Knit hat - check. Army trench - check. Ripped 'boyfriend' jeans - check. Soother - completes the outfit.

Miss Poppy is quite a character. She has very definite opinions, and while she doesn't talk yet, she certainly gets her point across. She is pretty much up for anything, but alternates between braveness and clinginess, especially around dinner time. Some days it feels like she cries/fusses from the time we get home (five-ish) until she's in bed (7pm on the dot).

Her and her brother have started 'bothering' each other. It's not fighting per say... it's much more of Poppy seeing Soren pick up a toy, decide she needs it THAT SECOND, and take off after him screaming and yelling as she tries to pry the toy out of his hand. Soren of course doesn't like this much, although I have to give him credit for not retaliating as much as I might expect. Poppy likes to get her way.

At dinner last night, which was another solid half hour of screaming from both kids, she decided she needed to use her spoon to dip into her milk and drink like soup. This was of course a huge mess, so I told her no, over and over again. She would put the spoon in her cup and look at me, and then erupt into fresh hysterics when I firmly said no and removed the spoon. It seriously lasted all dinner. I could have given up I suppose... but it seems like sometimes you need to hold strong. I don't want her always putting her utensils in the milk, after all.

Speaking of dinner, Poppy still likes to eat. She sits in a highchair without the tray - Soren explains to people that she has 'graduated' from sitting in the baby highchair. If she doesn't like something we will see a frantic head shake - 'NO'. It can't be misinterpreted.

Poppy understands nearly everything, although still does not speak much. I can ask if she wants her diaper changed and she will nod, run upstairs to her change table, and grab a diaper. If I ask her if she wants to colour, she will run directly to the craft cupboard and try to get the supplies herself. She says a few things - mama, dada, dis, dat, up, yes, etc. She will also sometimes repeat what you say - she loves pointing to Tyler's growing baby plants and saying 'plants'. While I think Soren said more words at this age, I honestly barely remember. And for the most part, I try not to compare them. They are both unique and different, and will develop different skills at different rates.

Lastly - Poppy still has morning naps! This I have to point out as I think that most 17-month olds have long dropped the morning nap. We were lucky that her home daycare is very flexible, and puts her down for naps whenever she's tired. Actually, Poppy puts herself to sleep. When she's tired she will wave 'bye' to the other kids and head to her crib. At home, she will go to the base of the stairs and point up, towards her room. The little fashionista needs her beauty sleep:)

Sunday Coffee


We had a rare day at home yesterday, as in we didn't leave the house for the entire day. This morning I wanted to get out and do something, although the weather was a little too cool for anything outdoors. I asked Soren if he wanted to go out for coffee, and I wish I could have recorded his answer:

'Well - I'd really like to, Mommy. But the thing is... Daddy and I just have to build this lego truck. I'm so sorry, I'd really like to go out for coffee but I just can't.' Imagine a lot of hand gestures and theatrics. 

Luckily I was able to convince him that building the lego truck could wait until after we got home, and we put on our coats. At little sister coffee co, we all enjoyed our coffees, Soren studied his hockey cards, and then the kids pretended that the chair base was a dog kennel. Perhaps the dog next to us inspired this imaginative play. These two are quite entertaining these days...