Tutus and Bows and Buns


I never really thought of myself as particularly girly... but having two little girls makes me want to dress them in tutus and pink and florals all day long! It was Poppy's ballet open house last week, so we finally got to take some pictures. There is a strict 'no photos' rule for everyday except the open house, and it kills me every week!

Tyler took a million pictures and it's going to take me some time to edit the dancing ones, but trust me they are adorable! People keep asking if Blake looks like Soren and Poppy, and the short answer is yes. Some days she looks more like Soren, and other times more like Poppy. I think she's a pretty nice mix of both of them, and is developing her own sweet little look.

Blake Lauren - 3 months


Two blog posts in two days... what the what?! It's true, Blake Lauren is already three months old. She's probably closing in on three and a half, but no need to get ahead of ourselves.

While she started off as a decent sleeper, the last 2-3 weeks have been AWFUL. She wakes up every 2-3 hours all night long. I was handling it ok for the first week, but it's definitely draining and starting to mentally take it's toll on me. During the day she is pretty happy and smiley, interacting with Soren and Poppy and making lots of adorable baby noises.

Blake is a big girl, and is wearing mostly 6 month clothing. She looooves this adorable tutu dress because she can eat the tulle and not pull it over her head - a perfect dress and baby toy in one:)

She naps somewhat consistently throughout the day, and we are currently on a four nap per day schedule. She's usually awake for 1-2 hours before sleeping for about 45 minutes. Bedtime is around 7, but before bed comes her favourite part of the day - bath time!! She absolutely adores her bath, and will kick around in the tub for 15-20 minutes before the water gets too cold.

In terms of food, she's probably my best baby in terms of taking a bottle of breastmilk. She's exclusively nursing, but will often have 2-3 bottles per week if I need to go out or she is with her dad. While the other kids quickly shunned bottles, Blake seems to drink them happily.

We are looking forward to babies first christmas and introducing her to all of our favourite family traditions. The kids are convinced she will cry when she sees Santa, but I'm not so sure. While she tends to prefer me holding her, she doesn't mind cuddles from other people so I think she may surprise us and sit on Santa's lap.

Photography Class


Last week I went to a photography class by Monique Pantel and it couldn't have come at a better time. I've never been the photographer behind this blog - that role was always Tyler, who is an excellent photographer. Things are changing, however, and I figured it was time to try to improve upon my very limited skills.

The workshop was designed for moms, and it was great to connect with new people without our children in tow. I find maternity leave to be a touch... I'm not sure the word for it... somewhat isolating I guess. I am around people ALL DAY, but sometimes those little people don't really stimulate my mind... you know? And sometimes 'mom friends' can get a little too... 'What time did your baby sleep last night? Are carrots better than peas as a first food? When did you switch to a bigger carseat?', etc. Not that these are bad topics, I discuss them at length, but sometimes its nice to use your brain to try something new. This workshop was exactly that.

Monique is the sweetest person, and walking into her studio felt like walking into her home. Music was playing, the light was shining into the room, and coffee and treats awaited us. She is so passionate about photography, and it shows in her pictures as well as her enthusiasm for teaching.

After three hours I walked away feeling calm and energized all at the same time, and I couldn't wait to get home and snap some photos of my little people. I'm hoping the feeling continues... I've missed having this blog as a creative outlet and I hope to get into posting more often. I would highly recommend Monique's workshops should you ever have the chance to attend one!