Our annual egg hunt at Shelmerdines


Happy Easter! Our weekend was fun and chocolate filled, although I was battling a terrible cold that seems to be never-ending. I couldn't miss our annual egg hunt at shelmerdines, and seeing the little tiger and bunny hop around collecting eggs almost made me forget about my stuffy nose.

Poppy told us in advance that she was not going to be scared of the Easter bunny this year, and she was mostly correct. She happily gave the bunny a hug, but when asked to pose for a picture she insisted I come along too. It's hard to believe that next year we will have three little bunnies of our own!!

Speaking of bunnies... on Sunday morning we were lying in bed, trying to peel open our eyes before the egg hunt started. It wasn't that early - Soren woke us up around 6:20 begging us to get out of bed. Anyways, as we were lying there Tyler suggested he make breakfast, and jokingly suggested rabbit bacon. Ha. The kids translated that later into "Daddy said he was going to KILL the Easter bunny and make bacon!!!" I have a feeling that will be the dad joke that lives on until the kids are in university.

We have a short week ahead, as Tyler and I are escaping on a little getaway next weekend. The kids are looking forward to staying with their grandparents, and I am looking forward to a relaxing plane ride with a hot coffee and a magazine. And then exploring a new city... one of my favourite things to do. Any must-see recommendations for Portland, Oregon? I keep seeing gorgeous pictures of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest, but I'm not sure we have time to go. I'm also really excited to check out the World's Largest Independent Bookstore, again with hot coffee. The anticipation of a trip is always half the fun!

Egg decorating


Every holiday, I have big intentions about decorating, baking, and pulling together the BEST day ever. Usually, I fall short of my expectations, but we all still have fun anyways. Soren has been asking me to get out the easter decorations for weeks, but the truth is we don't have a lot of easter decorations. One of my favourite decor items costs just a few dollars, and delivers beautiful coloured eggs that we can display in our home.

I've tried natural dyes before, but haven't had the best luck. These eggs were made with a kit from the dollar store, and since we won't be eating them, I'm not too worried about it. A few years back we tried egg decorating, and baby Soren had a fit. There were a few tears today from Poppy, but overall it seemed to be a happy, non-stressful craft.

Other than egg decorating, I'm hoping to make these adorable nests, and maybe some easter sugar cookies. It's a short week with Good Friday, made even shorter by me having thursdays off! Four-day weekends are always a good motivator on a monday:)



It's friday, and it's SPRINGTIME! Lots to celebrate:) These photos were taken a couple weeks back, as evident by the size of my (smaller) belly. I'm now 21 weeks along with baby #3 - opps, I just accidentally typed #4! Getting ahead of myself. There is only one baby in there... confirmed by an ultrasound last week where I saw the little one sticking out his or her tongue, followed by some finger sucking. The technician asked if I wanted to know the gender, and I did, but I said no thanks as we are planning to wait until the birth to find out. At this point, I'm kind of leaning towards feeling like it's a girl, but I felt that way with Soren and he is definitely all boy.

This weekend we hope to spend lots of time outside, enjoying the sun. The kids are loving their scooters and bikes, and I'm sure they've slept better this week because of it. Fresh air... it's just the best. Have you read the article about how Dutch children are the happiest in the world? I'm sure unstructured outdoor time plays a large role in their happiness. And maybe chocolate toast for breakfast. I've never bought Nutella, but I think I may have to start. When I lived in Barcelona my room-mates introduced me to Nutella, and I knew that if I ever started buying it I would start a very bad habit. However... pregnancy... and new emerging research on children's happiness and chocolate may make have me reaching for a jar at the grocery store:) I bet it would be sooo good with toast and bananas. Or with banana bread...