First Birthday Bash

Last week we celebrated Poppy's first birthday with a little afternoon party of cake and goodies. It's tough deciding on an invite list, because with just our families we already had twenty people. Any more than that and things get kind of crazy... so this year I decided to just keep it to family. We missed seeing Poppy's little friends, but they won't know the difference:)

As Tyler was snapping some photos he caught one above of Poppy sharing her drink with Rupert. This is very typical of how all of her meals go. She throws a piece of whatever she's eating to the dogs, and then proceeds to eat a bite herself. It's entertaining while at our house, but less so if we are out somewhere without a dog. So much clean up!

The party food was simple - veggie straws for the kids, chips and guac, veggies with hummus, banana bread, and a cheesy artichoke dip that was devoured! Almost everything could be prepared ahead of time, which cut down on the party day stress. I made a french vanilla cake with pink buttercream icing, as well as a couple dozen mini-cupcakes. As expected, Poppy loved the cupcakes! She continually pointed to the food table throughout the party, always wanting someone to sneak her a bite of something tasty. Our friend made beautiful cake pops, which were also a bit hit with miss Poppy.

In the three years that I have been having kids parties, I sometimes feel afterwards that is was all too much. Too many presents, too many people, too much food, or too much stress. After Poppy's party I looked around and thought 'that was perfect'. We received some beautiful and thoughtful gifts, but not so many I was itching to do a major toy purge. While it is certainly easy to go overboard when hosting events like this, usually simplicity wins out. Poppy had a special day with all of her favourite people, and we enjoyed watching her taste her cake, open her presents, and play with balloons. Speaking of balloons - they are the BEST party toy! I'd never bought any from a party store before, but they are cheap, look cute, and they provided hours of fun for Poppy and Soren. They will be a staple in any and all future events.


Autumn 2014

We had to take advantage of the amazing fall weather we have been having, and have a little photo shoot! I know snow will be on the ground soon, but for now we are spending all of our free time outside. Poppy is a full on walker now, and is hard to keep still. Soren is of course always hard to keep still, but peanut m & m's help a little. I'm so impressed with my husband's photography skills - the only thing I miss is him in the pictures! Next time we'll have to try out the self-timer. I've taken an unfortunate blogging break due to some computer issues, which are still on-going, but hopefully I can figure something out to post a little more often. These babes are growing faster than ever, and I need the blog to keep myself updated on their progress! My baby books are sadly pretty empty, but I cut myself some slack by thinking the blog is like a super baby-book. That may be true... but only if it's up-to-date:) Happy fall!


Bathtime and bedtime...

These bath pictures are of baby Soren, although I had to double check as Poppy looks so similar right now! Bath-times around here are sometimes fun and sometimes stressful... pretty much like anything baby-related. The kids seem to go through phases of loving the bath, and then they promptly hate it for weeks on end and you feel like you are torturing them every evening. It's hard to predict how bathtime will play out. At the moment, both seem to be enjoying it, but don't always do the best in the tub together. Poppy likes to stand up, and Soren likes to play a bit too roughly. The results are usually not good.

After baths I lotion the babes thoroughly with Aveeno baby moisturizer. They both have eczema, and the Aveeno products seem to work really well on their skin. I also love the soothing bath treatment and try to use it at least once per week. Poppy usually goes to sleep first, and I put her in her miracle sleep sack and nurse her. We turn the lights out and have a little cuddle in the dark, and then I lie her down in her crib and say good-night.

I then go next-door to Soren's room and find him racing around his playroom naked. He seems to completely lose his mind before bedtime, and turns into a crazed beast that we classify as being 'chonked'. It basically means overtired and all wound up. He loves telling me that he's 'Chonked in the Chonk-Chonks', to which I usually sigh and envision a glass of wine after he's asleep:)

After wrangling the wild beast into his pj's, we brush his teeth together and then pick out a story or two. When daddy's away I almost always read two books... but most nights we stop at one. Soren asks to 'get cozy', and I tuck his blankets around him extra tight. I then sing two songs, and whisper good-night. Almost always, I have a moment during bedtimes when I can't believe how lucky I am. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed about the day I would have my own little family. During the busyness of our days I sometimes let stress overtake me, and I yell at Soren or wish I were someplace else. At bedtime, I know there is absolutely no other place I'd rather be. My two little babies are warm and clean and cuddled, and are happily dreaming of tomorrow. I get to hold their little bodies before they drift off for the night, and I don't take it for granted. And then I go downstairs, and pour myself a nice glass of red wine.


A little birthday

Miss Poppy turned one this weekend! We were so excited to make it special for her... Soren has been talking about her birthday for weeks. He really wanted me to bake her a 'baby doll' cake, but I think he was happy with the strawberry banana pancakes I whipped up on sunday morning. We are having a small family party for her next weekend, as my sister (and parents) were away in Chicago this weekend. A little thing called the Chicago Marathon managed to trump Pop's first birthday... :)

While no big parties were thrown in her honour, we did our best to make her feel special. Starting with a happy birthday song and candle in her pancake, and spending lots of time doing her favourite things. Which would include lots of playgrounds, jumping on the bed, climbing stairs, and eating. And I can't forget walking! A few weeks before her first birthday Poppy started to take some tentative steps, and she's now walking all over the place. In the cutest wobbly steps, with her hands out in the air for balance.

It's hard to believe that last year we were meeting her for the first time. She's completed our family in such a wonderful way, and gets sweeter every day. We love you Poppy Olivia.


Human Rights Museum

On a foggy sunday morning a few weeks back, we loaded up the whole family and took a tour of the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights. I had won the ticket lottery that was distributing free tickets, and since it was only an hour long we thought it would be ok to bring the babies with us. Also, my parents came along and I have to give a lot of credit to my dad, who carried Soren on his shoulders for most of the way.

The museum is absolutely breathtaking, and I cannot wait to explore the whole building. It's opening in it's entirety on november 11th - remembrance day. On our visit we toured through four of the eleven galleries. I can see ourselves coming here regularly as the kids get older, and are able to understand more about human rights. There are galleries dealing with indigenous peoples, the holocaust, and the definition of human rights. The backlit alabaster ramps are stunning. 

Soren's favourite part was the line-up to get inside... he ran up and down like a maniac to the amusement of those in line. I can only imagine if adults had that type of energy at 8:30am on a sunday! Once inside he paid some attention to the tour guide, but had to stifle a yawn until he discovered the fun in pretending I had a mustache.

Poppy, on the other had, thoroughly enjoyed playing with an empty pez dispenser as we waited in line, and once inside promptly fell asleep. This is the only national museum located outside of Ottawa... go Winnipeg!