Hello there! My name is Erika, and I started this blog back in 2012 while on maternity leave with my son, Soren. He was born in June of 2011, and on October 12, 2013 we welcomed a new little girl to our family - Poppy Olivia.

I live in Winnipeg, Canada, and work in marketing. I love to bake and prepare yummy treats for my family and friends - I'm on a quest to perfect the ultimate chocolate chip cookie! These ones are pretty great, especially if you like gluten free.

I like to write about our family adventures near and far. We visit lots of local Winnipeg places like Little Sister CoffeeA Maze in Corn, and The Winnipeg Zoo. We also love to travel, which is somewhat of a necessity during our long canadian winters. Palm Springs is pretty amazing, and we recently fell in love with the food in Charleston.

This blog is a little bit of everything. I created it as a space to remember my days as a stay at home mom during my first maternity leave, and it has evolved ever since


Kathleen said...

Your little guy is adorable! I found your blog through Enjoying The Small Things and just started a blog of my own! You have such a cute family!

Anonymous said...

Hi there fellow Canadian! Just visiting from the blog hop :)

You have such a cute little family! I understand what you mean about the 9-5. I just left my job to go back to uni and omgoodness, what a difference. It's such a nice "break" (although I'm working hard in school).

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!


Brista Barrington said...

I've always wanted to visit Canada & how awesome you get a whole year at home with your little one! Totally jealous! :) can't wait to read more!

Unknown said...

Love your blog! I'm your newest follower! :)

Seriously Kate said...

Visiting from the Mommy Brain Mixer!

I too am still trying to figure out that work/mom balance. It's encouraging when you know you aren't the only one!

Love your blog - am your newest follower.


Unknown said...

Hello fellow Manitobian! Just came across your blog today when checking some links from Casey Leigh's what's on your heart linkup! Always nice to find the voices of Canadians and especially locals when pursuing the web! So wanted to say hi!

Camille McEwen said...

Hey there Erika! I'm a former Winnipeger & keep seeing Shawn Linden like your photos on Instagram… we used to be good friends back in university. Anyhow, I thought Poppy was pretty adorable and that led me to your blog. I love your account of motherhood & was thinking of doing something similar so I think you've just inspired me… and I thought I would say hello and love your work! ;)

Funnily enough, our kids are almost identical in age - I have a little boy born April 2011 and little girl born October 11th of 2013. I also used to work in marketing but now stay home with the bubs. It seems we have some funny similarities. I would imagine if we were in Winnipeg we'd have some fun coffee playdates, but we are across the world in Perth Australia for now. Love your gorgeous little outfits for Poppy & your enthusiasm!

Erika said...

Hi Camille! I will say hello to Shawn for you:) I would love to read your blog if you start one… I love reading about peoples experiences in different parts of the world. That's funny that our kids are so close together in age! Yes, coffee playdates would be great:) Thank you for commenting and introducing yourself!

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