New Post!


Never did I think I would take a whole year (basically two) off blogging... yet never did I imagine that I would be going through a separation. Yet here we are, a year older and wiser/happier, and the kids are sooo much bigger!

One of my biggest challenges for not blogging was the issue of not having a photographer. While I like photography and have some interest in it, I was never the main person behind the lens. Without him, I struggled to imagine how I would create such beautiful stories without the much needed images.

Thanks to my sister I have a camera to play around on, and I am slowly trying to understand how it works. I know these images are not great by any means, and I struggled with whether to post them. But I figured with that attitude, I would never start. I'd rather jump right in, perhaps not really prepared, and then hopefully look back one day and see how much my photography skills have improved. You know that cringe-worthy feeling you get when looking at photos circa 2004? You know, the low-rise jeans and oddly styled hair? (had we never heard of heat products?!) That's the feeling I want to get in a year from now, looking at this post. Aim high!

I took these pictures on saturday as we were hanging around the house. The kids had all settled into games and activities on their own, which is lovely and doesn't always play out this way. As Blake was stacking cups, Poppy was doing a workbook, and Soren was looking something up on youtube. Eventually Blake napped, I turned on the tv for Poppy, and promptly fell asleep cozied up between her and Soren. It was great - one of those lazy days that are sometimes so needed.

I'm not quite sure the direction this blog will take... I still have the same interests including baking, exploring Winnipeg, and hanging out with my kids. I post more regularly on instagram, specifically instagram stories for quick snaps of my days. We shall see, but it feels good to be back in this space again.