Tobogganing and a Winter Picnic


In the summer we like to go on picnics but sometimes the winter months present challenges to getting outside as much as we would like. A few weeks ago I decided to pick Soren up for lunch - he usually stays at the lunch program at his school - and have a little lunch time tobogganing date!

The St. Vital toboggan slides are fantastic. They are wheelchair accessible, which means stroller accessible to me, and so they were easy for all of us to navigate. I kept Blake cozy and warm in her bucket seat, while helping Soren and Poppy slide down over and over again. There is also a warming hut under the slides with huge windows, so you could sit inside with a baby and watch the older kids, while staying nice and warm.

After a few slides (it was cold!) we headed over to the skating pond to eat our lunch. The structure is big and open and is set up with picnic tables, and we saw that quite a few other people had the same idea as us to have a winter picnic. Not many skaters were on the ice, but it was still a nice view of the rink and there was a bonfire which provided that lovely smokey-outdoorsy smell.

After eating we cleaned up our 'picnic' and returned Soren and Poppy to school, as she goes to nursery every afternoon. It wasn't an extraordinary or expensive lunch... but it was a lot of fun and a great way to break up the week with something fun.