The Aviation Museum


Need a spring break activity in Winnipeg? The Royal Aviation Museum is a perfect spot to let little ones run around and learn about airplanes. We didn't go on spring break, which is this week, but it looks like they have some fun spring break activities on.

While I have attended several evening events at the aviation museum, I hadn't been as a visitor in ages. The kids and I decided to go on an inservice day a few weeks back, and we had a great time. A lovely volunteer led us through two airplanes - one smaller plane that had previously been used as a training plane, and a 1950's passenger jet. Blake's not pictured as she was in her stroller... not napping of course:)

In addition to the hangar full of display aircraft, there is also a nice kids play area on the second floor. It was really big - tons of room for running and/or crawling. You can also sit and watch real planes take off, which was of some interest during snack time. I bought the kids chips from a vending machine... did you know they now accept debit cards?! This may not be new, but for years I have told the kids no when they asked for treats, saying that I didn't have any cash. My gig is up! They know I always have a debit/credit card on me.

We'll definitely be return visitors. Yesterday Poppy set up an elaborate 'pretend plane' full of baby dolls and stuffies, and then invited Soren and I on board. She piloted us to sunny Florida, with just a few bumps along the way. I love seeing their imaginations take off. Soren's also getting really into world war two history, so he liked learning about war planes.