Blake - Almost 7 months


It's hard to believe that Blake is almost 7 months! The past year has been such a whirlwind... I am trying SO HARD to savour all of these sweet little moments. I only have to look at Soren to see how fast time flies. Blake got a tooth - two! - this past week. Both of the bottom two popped through on the same day. We had been wondering whether Soren would lose a tooth first, or if Blake would get one. It seems that she has him beat:)

She definitely has him wrapped around her little finger, that's for sure. Soren is absolutely obsessed with Blake, in fact it would be easy to say she is his favourite person in the world. He doesn't give me a lot of cuddles or affection... but there are no limits for his baby sister. It's very sweet to see their relationship grow. The only tiny issue with this is that Soren is not the most patient or loving towards his other sister, Poppy. Poppy is VERY affectionate and loving, and would like nothing more than to get a hug from Soren. When we arrive at school in the afternoons, Poppy will spot Soren and run across the playground to try and hug him. He will bypass her without even a hello, and race over to see Blake and give her a hug.

Blake is still not a good sleeper. She will usually sleep from about 6:30pm-12:30am, and then she's up every hour or two until 5ish when I bring her into bed with me. It's not the most restful for either of us, and I really hope we can get over this sleep thing sooner than later. One night she slept straight from 6:30-4am... so I know it's possible... just not happening regularly. During the day she typically naps twice, although one of those naps could only be 10 minutes. Most days she will have at least one nap that's 1-1.5 hours, although the timing of this is rarely consistent.

As you can see from the photos she is close to crawling! She gets up on all fours and moves around quite quickly either by pulling herself with her arms, or rolling. I had to instal a baby-gate at the top of the stairs because she is fast, and with two other kids needing my attention I knew I could not rely on watching her all of the time.

Other than that, she's a happy baby! She still does not like being apart from me, sometimes even when I'm in the same room as her (if someone else is holding her). The 6:30 bedtime allows me to go out in the evenings without her, on days when I can get a babysitter... usually my dad:) We are looking forward to warmer days and park playdates. It seems she has an awful lot of 'friends', so there are no shortage of babies to play with.


Rosanna said...

She is beautiful! And your photos of her are too.

Unknown said...

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