Daily Life - Three kids


I was showing the kids a blog post from a few years back, and they enjoyed hearing about our routine and what we did. Since I feel like these baby days of Blake are flying by, here's a 'day in the life' of what we are doing these days.

1:30am - baby wakes up to feed
3:30 - baby wakes up to feed
4:20 - Poppy wakes me up to ask if she can watch a TV show. Um... no! Try to get her back to her bed, but she cries and runs back to my bed. Too tired to fight.
5:00 - baby wakes up, I bring her into bed with me where she nurses/uses me as a human pacifier until I can see the sun coming up and realize that it's almost 7am. Look over to see both Soren and Poppy sleeping/waking up beside us

7am - have a quick shower while Soren and Poppy watch the baby
7:30 - dressed and downstairs for coffee and breakfast. kids argue over whose bowl is whose, who will sit next to Blake, who will hand her a toy, etc. I drink my coffee and attempt to spoon-feed Blake a couple bites of baby cereal, which mostly end up all over her. Remind myself to buy bibs soon.
8:00 - make lunch for Soren, clean up the baby, clean up the kitchen
8:30 - get everyone dressed to walk to school. It's 'nice' out (for February!) so we decide to walk
8:45 - out the door!
9:15 - home from dropping off Soren. Poppy is crying that she is hungry. Baby wants to nurse. Put on Daniel Tiger and nurse Blake, Poppy starts a puzzle.
10 - put the baby down for a nap. There is maybe a 50% chance of this happening. If she falls asleep Poppy and I will read or do a craft in between trying to tidy up a little or do some never-ending laundry
11 - Blake is awake, play with her for a bit and try to put on some make-up/do my hair. Poppy insists on wearing the exact same make-up as me:)
12 - lunch time! make some peanut butter toast, cut up fruit, and let the baby eat/play with some pieces of cucumber

12:30 - time to get dressed in our outdoor gear again - it's time to take Poppy to school. Decide to drive as we are running late
1pm - drop off Poppy, see that Blake is asleep in her carseat so take advantage and do a few errands. Buy bread, meat, and fruit. Stop for a coffee where I relax and scroll through instagram / email, etc.
2:30 - home and unpack groceries. Blake is awake now so we play and get some alone time, which is nice and quiet.
3:00 - time to think about picking up the kids. Check the weather and see that its ok... decide to put Blake in a carrier and walk to the school.
3:30 - pick up kids!

4:00 - home from school with starving kids who try and eat everything they can find. I check Soren's lunch and see he hasn't finished it... cut up some apple slices for everyone. Break up numerous fights, check Soren's homework and try to get him to do some home reading. Kids both want to watch a show but can't agree on anything. Finally watch Marsha's Spooky Tales (?) while I try to get some dinner ready
5:30 - hotdogs and homemade french fries are a hit! I add some salad to my dinner, and try to get the kids to eat a few carrot sticks. Blake likes them!
6:00 - clean up dinner and entertain Blake... the kids fight over her as per usual. Head up to give her a bath.
6:30 - bedtime for Blake! She nurses and falls asleep quickly. Sometimes Soren and Poppy and I will watch a movie now, or read some books. Today my dad has agreed to come over for a few minutes so I can run to the gym - conveniently located at the end of my street.
7:45 - home from the gym! Feeling great and energized. Read to the kids and sing songs, and they are asleep shortly after 8.

8:30 - do a 10-minute house clean... tidying books/toys/random glasses, etc. Sit down on the couch, light a candle, and scroll through my phone. Turn on the tv, then turn it off again and contemplate cancelling cable. Realize I would then have to give up HGTV... Pour myself a glass of wine and pick up a book I am reading. I'm trying to read more, but can't in my room before bed as I'm still sharing a room with Blake. Moving her out requires some major room shuffling... I'm too tired to think it through. Eat some kettle corn which goes perfectly with wine:)
9:45 - realize it's getting later so head up to bed... tiptoeing as to not wake Blake.
10 - in bed, hiding under the covers and I watch half an episode of Suits on the lowest possible volume.
10:30 - fall asleep

Sounds like fun, right? I honestly do love it. Our days are busy, but full of love and are always entertaining.

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