Blake Lauren - 3 months


Two blog posts in two days... what the what?! It's true, Blake Lauren is already three months old. She's probably closing in on three and a half, but no need to get ahead of ourselves.

While she started off as a decent sleeper, the last 2-3 weeks have been AWFUL. She wakes up every 2-3 hours all night long. I was handling it ok for the first week, but it's definitely draining and starting to mentally take it's toll on me. During the day she is pretty happy and smiley, interacting with Soren and Poppy and making lots of adorable baby noises.

Blake is a big girl, and is wearing mostly 6 month clothing. She looooves this adorable tutu dress because she can eat the tulle and not pull it over her head - a perfect dress and baby toy in one:)

She naps somewhat consistently throughout the day, and we are currently on a four nap per day schedule. She's usually awake for 1-2 hours before sleeping for about 45 minutes. Bedtime is around 7, but before bed comes her favourite part of the day - bath time!! She absolutely adores her bath, and will kick around in the tub for 15-20 minutes before the water gets too cold.

In terms of food, she's probably my best baby in terms of taking a bottle of breastmilk. She's exclusively nursing, but will often have 2-3 bottles per week if I need to go out or she is with her dad. While the other kids quickly shunned bottles, Blake seems to drink them happily.

We are looking forward to babies first christmas and introducing her to all of our favourite family traditions. The kids are convinced she will cry when she sees Santa, but I'm not so sure. While she tends to prefer me holding her, she doesn't mind cuddles from other people so I think she may surprise us and sit on Santa's lap.

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