Parenting - Almost six and three and a half


These days are lives are pretty busy with soccer, birthday parties, and end-of-the-school-year events and festivities. It's hard to believe that Soren is turning six in a couple of weeks, but he's had a countdown going for about six months - so it hasn't exactly snuck up on us!

At almost six, Soren is a pretty easy going guy. He handles his sisters tantrums and escapades with ease... typically laughing at her and saying 'Oh Poppy!'. He doesn't like to see her upset, and will go out of his way to make her happy even if it's not exactly fair, such as giving her his treat after she's eaten all of hers in one bite:) This doesn't always happen, of course, but they rarely fight unless she is being completely unreasonable.

Soren's soccer season is off to a great start. He's surprised us by being very good - he follows the play, runs hard, and plays aggressively. He also tells us that he plays everyday at recess with the "big kids" of grade one and two. While I don't get to see those games, it makes me happy thinking that he's old enough to organize unstructured games with his peers. The kindergarteners just started going outside for recess with the big kids, to get ready for grade one next year.

School continues to go well for him, and he's had a series of birthday parties to attend this spring. For his upcoming birthday, he wanted to invite some friends over to our house, have an ice-cream cake, and get a piƱata. Check, check, and check. Academically he's beginning to take more of an interest in writing and learning to read. I think his world will really open up for him once he can start reading independently.

As for miss Poppy... she is sweet and impossibly difficult all in the same minute. On the one hand, she's a great player and can play with her dolls and toys for hours and hours. She makes up elaborate stories, and will casually mention to me 'oh hi mama, we just got back from the doctor. The baby had a check-up', with the baby in question tucked securely under her arm. She loves to paint and draw as well, and brings home beautiful artwork from her Montessori program.

Unfortunately she can fly off the handle over virtually nothing in a split second. Our morning started in tears and screams because she was 'too squished in the bed'... our bed. Tyler pointed out that she could easily go back to her own bed if she was squished in ours... but clearly that did not go over well.

Perhaps its the age - three and a half seems to be a bit of a difficult one. Reasoning is very difficult, and once she has an idea in her head there is no changing her mind about it. Some days are harder than others, and I'll admit that I have lost my patience with her more than once... yelling at her when it would probably be better to hug her instead.

Both kids are soooo excited for the new baby to arrive. It will be fun to see how the dynamics change in our family with the addition of a third. For the most part, I think it will go well, but like all parenting things, we will expect hard days. And lots of sweet ones.

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