How to have a great (cheap!) Stay-cation


As I mentioned on instagram, last week the three of us had a little staycation. It was spring break, and we had no plans to leave the city, but I thought a night in a hotel could be fun. I decided to book using hotwire, and my only 'must-haves' were an indoor swimming pool and at least three stars. I ended up being matched with a hotel just down the street from us - The Holiday Inn Winnipeg South.

Check-in time was 3pm, and we arrived just after. Upon arrival in our room, the kids immediately took off their clothes (to change into their swimsuits) and jumped into bed. We spent some time looking over all of the hotel room amenities... exciting things like a kleenex holder, a microwave, and a luggage rack. We also spent quite a while looking out the window as we were on the 6th floor and had a pretty good view of southern Winnipeg. After getting settled we headed to the pool, which turned out to be perfect for us. There was a small kiddie pool that was attached to the main pool, as well as a hot-tub. I could stick my feet in the hot-tub while watching Poppy in the kiddie pool, and watch Soren's endless cannon balls into the big pool.

Next came the only bad part of the staycation... I had promised the kids lots of junk food which we could eat in bed and watch movies. We popped across the street to a grocery store, and all picked out our favourite chips, drinks, and candy. We settled into our beds, happily eating candy and watching TV. After awhile, I figured we should probably attempt to eat something for an actual dinner, so we went down to the hotel restaurant. Well, our food arrived, and Poppy had to go to the bathroom (doesn't that always happen?). It took us a little time, and when we got back to the table Soren was moaning and clutching his stomach. I quickly grabbed his hand to take him to the bathroom, as Poppy was screaming about dessert. On the way to the bathroom Soren threw up on the floor:( He doesn't seem to handle junk food very well... something I probably should have monitored more.

When we came out of the bathroom the restaurant staff were sooo nice. They assured me we should just go up to our room, and they would bring up the rest of our meals. Up we went, cleaned up a little, and changed into our pj's. Then came a knock at the door - room service! I figured no one would want to eat much, but as soon as the door shut Soren said 'I'm ready for my fries now!' Quick recovery.

The next morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, followed by another swim, and then headed home around noon. We all felt like we had 'been away', and Soren remarked that it felt like he had been on an airplane. For $73, I think it was the cheapest vacation I have ever had!

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