24 Weeks / Baby #3


Here we are at 24 weeks! The baby is moving around a lot, although I learned at my most recent midwife appointment that I have an anterior placenta, which could mean that I feel less movement. So far I haven't noticed this... and the little one gets very active in the evenings before I go to bed.

I've gained about 14 pounds, mostly in the belly I think:) My midwives do not weigh me... but I've heard from other moms that many OB's have stopped weighing them as well. There are probably other, more important things to look for, as opposed to being so focused on weight. I'm trying to embrace this approach too... but it's always a little weird to see the scale going up, and up.

We just got back from a lovely weekend trip to Portland and Seattle, which was a wonderful opportunity to relax, eat lots of delicious food, and sleep un-interupted through the night. I struggle with sleep some nights, but at least on my own there are less chances of interruptions. Poppy typically does not sleep through the night, and Soren can often be found in our bed a few nights a week too.

I'm wearing a mixture of maternity and non-maternity clothes. In Portland I visited a great consignment shop where I scored three pretty blouses/tops that are all non-maternity. I sized up, but they are also forgiving styles that allow for some bump room. One was a 100% silk j-crew blouse which I just need to take to the dry cleaners... can't wait to add that one to my wardrobe!

We opted not to find out the sex at my 20-week ultrasound, and it's slowly driving me crazy!! With Soren, we did not know what we were having, and with Poppy, we did. Experiencing pregnancy both ways was great - so it's a bit of hot topic around our house right now. Pretty much all four of us are in the 'let's find out NOW' camp... so I wouldn't be surprised if we have a gender reveal before 40ish weeks.

My only complaint thus far is a horrible cold that will not go away. It's been a solid month of a runny nose, cough, tiredness, etc. Just when I think I'm turning a corner... bam! The cold is back and worse than before. I am really, really hoping that it is actually on it's tail end now. I can't imagine a day without massive amounts of kleenex in every pocket, bag, and purse.

My lovely husband continues to be an amazing chef. Many days he asks what I want, and if I say fish tacos, he makes the most delicious fish tacos imaginable - complete with homemade salsas, dips, and garnishes. He may think I eat too much sugar... but overall I think my diet has been pretty great, thanks to him. A pregnancy craving has been mango, a fruit I've always enjoyed but never so much as now. Cutting into a perfectly ripe mango has got to be one of the best things...

So there we are - an update of our third beautiful pregnancy. Some days our lives seem so full and busy, it's hard to imagine adding another. But then the baby will give me a good kick, or Soren or Poppy will come over and lay their hands on my belly, and I'm reminded that we are missing someone. This little one may not get to experience a lot of peace and quiet, but they will surely be loved!

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