When you ask a kid to smile...


A few weeks back, or I guess it would be almost a month, Tyler baked me my annual Valentine's Day cake. If you want to see some old cakes... take a look. He's been carrying on this sweet tradition for TEN years!

This year the cake was not heart-shaped, but it was totally delicious. And we wanted to take a picture... easy, right? "Come on guys - let's take a quick picture and then we can all eat the cake!" Poppy tries, but Soren... not so much. Instead we get weird faces, crazy jumps, or (edited out) pictures of his bum. What happened to this sweet smile ?! He's still sweet... some of the time:)

The big debate in our house right now is whether we should list our house and move this spring. It is SUCH a hard decision! When you have a five-year old that jumps around the house like a crazy monkey, space starts to feel tight quickly. We currently live in a 1400 square foot, 3 bedroom, 1 bath house. We are not 'bursting at the seams', so to speak, but I would really really like a second bathroom. We shall see. I don't really want to move when I'm 8-months pregnant, so the timing is important. We also don't want to give up certain things to live in a bigger (more expensive) house... things like eating well, exploring our city, and travelling when we get the chance. Again, we shall see.


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