The best baby gifts


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting one of my high-school friends brand new baby. She was the sweetest... tiny and cute, and it made me even more excited to meet our new babe in a few months. There are a few things I usually like to give as new baby gifts, and typically they are made up of about three things:

one. Something useful for the baby - but perhaps more splurge-worthy than you might buy for yourself. This could be an item of clothing, shoes, or a baby blanket. For this gift I selected a beautiful swaddle blanket from chapters indigo. It was hard to choose - they are all so pretty! I've also given handmade bootiespretty hair bows, or other local handmade items.

two. A book. This is my go-to for all childrens gifts. I usually attach the gift receipt, in case they already have it in their collection. For a new baby, the classics are always a great choice such as On the night you were bornLittle blue truck, and Each peach pear plum. Some of the larger collections are beautiful as well, if you were looking for a more expensive gift or for a group gift, like The original peter rabbit collection.

three. Food! I hate showing up at a new parents house without bringing something to eat. When Soren was born, we were sooo thankful to those who brought us food. If you are nursing, you are likely to be ravenous during those first few weeks, and regardless, most new parents don't have time to worry about meal prep. Whether it's bringing a starbucks in the morning, your favourite take-out, a home-made casserole or baked goods - everything is well-received.

As I was preparing for my baby visit yesterday, I realized my kitchen was sadly understocked. I ended up making my favourite chocolate chip cookies, but needed to substitute some butterscotch chips as I only had a few chocolate ones left. Also, and this made me nervous, I substituted coconut oil for butter. Eeek! I googled it first, and most reviews said you can totally substitute it in anything. I've had great results with baking breads and muffins with coconut oil, and I didn't really have any other alternatives. The verdict? Good. I think I prefer butter, at least in this recipe, but the coconut oil version is still really good. The cookie dough was nice to work with - smoother and easy to shape into balls. The other plus was that my husband doesn't like them as much... which means more for me!

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Resonant Brain said...

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