First trimester blah-ness


Now that I am officially in the second trimester of this third pregnancy, I can reflect back on the first trimester and think - thank goodness! It's over! While I did not have much nausea, something I'm grateful for, I just had zero energy - which led to lots of feelings of blahness and kind of an indifference to the pregnancy.

The first trimester is weird. You typically don't tell a lot of people that you're pregnant, which can be fun - 'I have this special secret that no one knows about!', or kind of isolating - 'I don't really want to go out with my friends... I'm tired, and I don't feel like lying to people or 'fake-drinking' all night. I think I'll just stay home.' For me, I like to be busy and have lots of things on the go. When all I can muster at the end of the day is lying on the sofa watching netflix, it feels like a bit of a failure day. Watching the laundry pile up, with zero motivation to tackle it, becomes stressful and frustrating.

I think the time of year also makes a big difference. My first trimester with Soren was in the fall, when I could easily go out for walks or even sit outside with a book and some fresh air. Fresh air makes a world of a difference to me if I'm feeling tired or sick. With this pregnancy, as with Poppy's, the first trimester fell squarely in the middle of winter. Feeling tired and sick, not being able to do much outdoors, led to some depressing days.

Luckily, I've had some great motivators to help keep my spirits up - Soren and Poppy! They are ecstatic about having a new sibling, and their boundless energy motivates me to get up and play with them. Also, my husband is turning into a master chef, and has been cooking amazing meals. If it were up to me, I'd probably eat cereal a lot of nights for dinner. Having the luxury of eating fresh, wholesome food - that I didn't cook! - has helped my energy levels for sure.

Somehow I'm now onto week 15 of this pregnancy, and I've been feeling pretty good for the past few weeks. The weather has been warming up - allowing me to take long walks each day. I've started listening to podcasts as I walk - any recommendations? I also love spending 15 minutes each evening doing yoga. Stretching always feels amazing, but especially so while pregnant. In the past I've gone to actual classes, but at home yoga is a decent alternative - and I can do it while watching guilty pleasures like the bachelor. Except this season... ugh. My favourite person by far was Rachel, so I'm looking forward to the bachelor ending, and more screen time being devoted to Rachel as the newest bachelorette. Anyways - on to important things... like napping:)

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