And baby makes five


We are having a baby! If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw the announcement last week. And if you know me in real life, you probably already knew our little secret - as Soren and Poppy have told everyone they know. We are very excited, the kids especially, and will be welcoming the new addition in August.

So far this pregnancy has been pretty alright... lots of tiredness in the beginning and some nausea, but nothing too terrible. Tyler knew before I did that I was actually pregnant - he says he can sense these things... and perhaps he can! I've always welcomed the idea of a third baby, but Tyler was firmly in the two kids only camp. While I think we are both a little nervous about 'starting back at zero', the kids enthusiasm is contagious. When we told them, Poppy immediately started making a "list" of things we would need. 'Let's see... we need a baby carrier, some new baby clothes, lots of diapers, a highchair... oh! I know where the baby carrier is - I will go get it!' We told her she had lots of months to get ready:)

The kids will be six and nearly four when he/she arrives, so it will be a different experience from having a newborn and a toddler. Both kids will be in school - Soren full days in grade one, and Poppy half-days in nursery school. We plan to keep the gender a surprise, although walking through a baby department today reminded me how hard it is to find gender neutral clothes. Soren was a surprise, but with Poppy we had a gender ultrasound around 17 weeks. It seems crazy that we could find out the sex of this baby in a few short weeks... so we shall see. A surprise is so much fun, and we have no preference of either boy or girl.

I hope to post some pregnancy updates here on the blog, similar to what I did when I was pregnant with Poppy. This will very likely be my last pregnancy, and I want to enjoy everything about it. Time seems to be flying by, but it does tend to do that until the final few weeks when every day seems to last forever. So that's out news... I feel like there have been a lot of 'updates' since my last pregnancy / newborn days. We now have an h and m maternity in Winnipeg! And what about these new 'baby nests' like dockatot? Do we need one? Which brand? I also hear that swaddling is no longer approved... to add to the long list of baby no-no's. Luckily, I have six months to prepare, and for baby number three, I've hopefully learned that you don't need a whole lot.

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