Tobogganing - The best way to ensure your kids will sleep well at night


While we like to play outside in the winter, we surprisingly don't do a lot of tobogganing. It may have to do with the fact that we don't own a proper toboggan... or perhaps the idea of walking up and down hills isn't always high on my priority list. Anyways, we were in luck at Fort Whyte, because not only do they have toboggans you can borrow, but they also have an amazing wooden slide! No need to worry about rocks or steering around trees.

We found ourselves sledding on a beautiful winter day over the holidays. The snow was falling and there were surprisingly few people around. That seems to be one of the special things about Fort Whyte, its usually feels like you have the place to yourself. Soren, Poppy and I climbed the wooden structure for the first slide, and I must admit, it was a little nerve racking! We whooshed down onto the frozen lake, and had barely come to a stop before the kids were calling to do it again. On the second slide, Soren almost chickened out, but then continued for as long as we would let him - eventually going all by himself!

We even convinced our resident photographer to take a slide... and I got to snap a few pictures! If you are looking for a fun family outing, tobogganing takes the cake. We all got some fresh air, exercise, and some excited screaming in before we headed for hot chocolate.


Carlee said...

I love Poppy's coat! Where is it from?

Erika said...

Hi Carlee! It's from the Gap - I always wait for a 40% off sale!:)

Straight A Style said...

This seriously looks like so much fun!!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

JJ said...

So fun!