Enjoying the winter / Raw Almond brunch review


On Sunday, we left the kids at home with my parents, and headed to The Forks. We were very much looking forward to having a late brunch at Raw Almond, and wanted to walk around and enjoy the sunshine first. Last week a new game was unveiled - crokicurl! It's a combination of crokinole and curling, and while I definitely can't claim to know all the rules of either, it looks like a lot of fun!

We didn't have time to skate - something we'll have to save for next week-end with the kiddos. Another fun winter sport was taking place, dragon boat racing on ice. I'm not sure if it has it's own name, but the participants all looked to be having a great time, and wow are they fast!

Our reason for coming to the forks was to experience Raw Almond, a fine dining experience set on the frozen red river. Tickets to their dinners are next to impossible to come by, and expensive, so we were stoked when my girlfriend managed to get six tickets to brunch. The food was a combination of two of our favourite places in Winnipeg, Clementine Cafe and The Tallest Poppy.

Mike had to show off his skates... there are not many times you can skate to brunch! The building structure is unique each year - this is their fifth year operating. From the outside, it looked like a non-descript white tent. The inside, however, was beautiful and cozy. Two long tables make up the seating areas, and diners sit next to each other and often share plates of food, family style.

The food was fantastic, from a hearty porridge with white chocolate and mango puree, to maple glazed pork bellies, to the amazing caramel donuts pictured below. I think everyones favourite was the smoked arctic char, served on top of crispy potato pancakes and served with a beet puree. Yum!

After we filled our selves to the brim with delicious food, we headed back outside to bask in the winter sun. The river trail was packed with skaters of all ages and abilities, and we heard lots of languages - something that sometimes takes Winnipeggers by surprise. Tourists? Here? Sometimes Winnipeg gets a bad rap, but when we stopped to think of what this would look like to out-of-towners, it totally makes sense why we have been featured in everything from Vogue to the New York Times. It's pretty spectacular to get to skate to brunch, eat on a frozen river in a beautiful seasonal structure, with food prepared by some of the best chefs around.


Jacqueline said...

Thanks for this, it sounds like an amazing day. I love that Winnipeg is finally embracing winter. One thing though, while those may have been tourists speaking multiple languages while out and about at The Forks, many, many Winnipegers first language is not English. (12th generation French Canadian here!) Merci!

Erika said...

Hi Jacqueline - Thanking for pointing this out! One of the things I love in Winnipeg is the multi-culturalism. Some of the tourists were no doubt speaking English as well, language is not an indicator of where someone is from. It appeared to me that a lot of tourists were enjoying the forks, which was great to see. Have a great day:)