Christmas Cookies!


Last year I was really ambitious and I blogged the 'Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies'. This year, that's not happening. However, I am still baking cookies, especially my all-time favourites like these ginger snaps. The recipe is easy to follow, and best of all it makes a TON. Plenty for eating, sharing, and freezing for future cookie cravings.

Today, I made probably my most popular cookies - Chocolate dipped toffee. They are the ones my family and friends beg me to bring to parties, which I happily do (so I can eat some too!).

This year I think I'm going to branch out of traditional cookies and make a few more bars/slices. Nanaimo Bars are such a classic Canadian dessert, and they're easy to make gluten-free if need be.

What are your go-to Christmas Cookies? Any amazing shortbread recipes I should try? Shortbread is one of the cookies I think I don't like that much. But every so often I will have one that is ah-mazing, and I'll wish for a tried and true recipe.

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