A snowy sleigh ride and a lovely sunday brunch


A couple of weeks back, we celebrated something extra special - my grandpa's 90th birthday! To start off the festivities, my whole family went out for sunday brunch, and it happened that the place we went to was offering sleigh rides that day. The snow was falling rather hard... I say this because while it may look like soft fluffy flakes, it was more like wet slushy sleet. It was still beautiful, and the sleigh was lined with multiple blankets, so we tried to find some dry bits to keep warm.

Also, I can't forget the brunch! It was delicious - a full spread of meats, fish, salads, soups, a waffle and crepe station, and the kids favourite - a chocolate fountain. The venue itself was all decked out for the holidays, and we had a private room right under the rafters where we could watch the snow fall and spot the horses on their walks. Not having to worry about the kids bothering other guests is always nice, although they are mostly at an age where we can trust them at restaurants. If you live in the Winnipeg area, I would highly recommend The Gates for a special holiday brunch.

We wanted a group photo, and our server was sweet enough to come outside and snap this one for us.

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Straight A Style said...

I love brunch! How fun to celebrate your grandfather. The sleigh ride looks amazing.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style