Winter Mornings


On our way home from Soren's hockey game this morning, we just had to pull over and take some pictures of the beautiful fog and frost. We frolicked in a farmers field for a few minutes before our feet started to turn to icicles, so we got back into the car and decided we needed croissants. Fresh bread is surprisingly hard to come by on a sunday, but luckily le croissant in st. boniface saved the day.

It seems like weekends these days are getting increasingly busier. Gone are the saturdays of pyjama breakfasts, leisurely walks to the coffee shop, and afternoon naps. Now we have hockey practices, ballet, costco runs, birthday parties, and more hockey. It's not a bad thing, it's just a different phase of life that we are entering into - that's a little more structured. On route to these activities, sometimes we have to stop and "smell the roses", or more accurately, lick an icicle.