Thanksgiving Dinner for Four


We have never had a 'traditional' holiday dinner at our house before. Since both of us have fairly large families living nearby, most years we are juggling two dinners on Christmas or Thanksgiving. This year, we unexpectedly found ourselves alone on thanksgiving, and decided to throw our own party!

After a visit to the pumpkin patch, we came home and started cooking. I made the pumpkin pie from scratch, roasting one of our pumpkins to make the purée. For a first time pumpkin pie baker - I think it turned out pretty well and the kids devoured it. Tyler made the most delicious assortment of roasted veggies, smoked turkey, and a tangy bernaise sauce.

I told Poppy we could dress up, and of course she chose her pink tutu dress. I then asked her what I should wear, and she picked the closest thing to a tutu she could find in my closet - a pleated green skirt.

While it's obviously nice to be around family on the holidays, we really enjoyed our dinner for four. We spend a long time sitting around the table, talking and laughing. We didn't need to worry about bedtimes or long drives or bad behaviour in someone else's house... and the next day we even had leftovers! Of course, the dishes had to be tackled by ourselves, and we did miss some of the traditional aspects of our family dinners. I feel a lot more confident in pulling together a 'traditional' meal now, and would not hesitate to invite family or friends over for dinners in the future.

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