Big girl beds, family walks, and s'mores in November


I wouldn't normally associate long weekends in november with outdoor activities and bonfires, but this unseasonably warm weather we have been having is just the best. Because remembrance day fell on a friday, I ended up with a four-day long weekend since I don't work on thursdays.

We decided that it was high time to get Poppy a bed of her own, so while Soren was at kindergarten on thursday, the two of us headed out to pick out some new bedding. Poppy originally wanted some reindeer sheets, but instead settled on some sweet birds. She also picked out a pink cloud pillow, and then we got the required pillows, mattress pad, and lightweight cotton blanket. In colder weather we have some wool blankets to layer on. The bed itself it borrowed from my aunt, and was the one she slept in as a little girl! The quality back then was sooo different from the mass-produced stuff today - it does not compare to Soren's Ikea bed. All four of us can snuggle up for bedtime stories, without the slightest concern of the bed collapsing.

And I'm happy to report, the transition from crib to bed seems to be going well! Poppy is a bad sleeper, and typically wakes us up a few times per night. This morning I woke up to a little someone curled up next to me, but had no recollection of her coming in during the night.

We went for a couple of nice long walks with Kya, and then today ended the weekend with a backyard bonfire. Because it gets dark at 5pm, it actually works better for little ones with early bedtimes. In the summer, we would have bonfires at 7 or 8, but it was still completely light out and kind of takes away from the ambiance. Every day I think 'this is going to be the last nice day...', and then we get another day of sun and warm weather. It certainly makes winter seem more bearable, knowing that we've enjoyed such a nice fall.

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