Summer vacation - The Sunshine Coast


Somehow we are already in October, and I realize I have a bunch of vacation photos left to post! So here we go... I especially love the image of the bearded dude on the motorcycle. While the Sunshine Coast is only a 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver, it can feel like you are a million miles away from a big city.

We wandered around the town of Gibsons, and the water was a spectacular teal blue colour. It's not always this shade, but the sun must have been shining in a special way or something, and we felt like we were in the Caribbean.

The kids love exploring, and I only wish their stomachs liked being adventurous, too! We stopped for lunch at Smitty's Oyster House, and ordered a few things to nibble on like their delicious fish tacos.  After trying the teeniest bite of fish, Soren proceeded only to eat french fries. Poppy followed his lead, and I'm sad to report that her varied palette seems to be getting much more restricted. She's still a much better eater than Soren was at her age.

Our week ahead is a busy one, as they seem to be these days. I have my first PTA meeting... which sounds awfully grown-up and a little boring. I'm also considering something waaaay outside my comfort zone - an adult hip-hop class! Poppy's dance studio is holding an adult class, and I'm somewhat tempted to throw my un-coordinated self into it to. On the other hand, I can't even follow along to a simple aerobics class... so we shall see.

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Erika Kampen said...

Looks like a great getaway! I love seeing people travel with their kiddos! :)