Pumpkin Heads


Our two little pumpkin heads - Poppy and Soren - seem to be settling into their new routines now, and really have become good playmates/friends. They invent little games that they like to play together, and run around the house playing hide and seek and 'touch', aka 'tag'. Our house feels full of love and busyness, and for the first time in their lives they can play and create without me there with them. While I'm in the kitchen they will disappear upstairs, and later I will find some half-done puzzles or a destroyed fort.

Both of them seem to be making strides making their own friends as well. Soren went to a friends house after school today, and Poppy tells us stories about her various school friends. When she meets a new kid at a playground or somewhere, she will say 'hi, I'm Poppy', and then shortly after introduce them to her brother Soren.

I volunteered in a kindergarten classroom last week, and it's so interesting to see how different kids are in terms of their development. Even physically, some kids are tiny while others look like they could be 7 or 8. One child was clearly the class helper - she seemed so capable and just took on roles like setting the table for snack, or helping other kids zipper their zippers and tie their shoes. It was nice to get to see Soren's 'world', and he was so excited to show me all of their routines and activities. And now I'm off to work on halloween costumes... I have known what the kids were being for months, and true to form, have procrastinated till the last moment. Time to get out the sewing basket and the glue gun!

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