Presenting Luke Skywalker and Minnie Mouse


The kids picked out their costumes in mid-August this year, but that didn't stop me from finishing some last minute details today. Luke Skywalker unfortunately ate too much candy this evening - note the day BEFORE halloween... and sadly woke up throwing up a few minutes ago:( That guy doesn't do well with too much sugar and treats, which is hard to avoid at this time of year. Miss Pop delighted in dressing up as Minnie Mouse, and really delighted in eating everything she could get her little hands on.

I gotta say... this is not my favourite holiday of the year. Things like 'family carving party' quickly turn into me doing all of the carving, and scooping out pumpkin innards is just never that much fun. The costumes turned out pretty well, but it took numerous trips to value village and other random stores. Soren's 'boots' are in fact compression stockings pulled tight over some sort of boot cover type thing. It really is amazing just what you can find at value village!

The kids will love trick or treating tomorrow night, and I have a feeling we will last for more than just a couple houses. That's the best part of this holiday, for me. Seeing the kids race up and down the street, talking to neighbours and then handing out candy at our house. Happy Hallowe'en!

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