Poppy is three! A birthday letter.


Happy Birthday Miss Poppy!!! Today you are three:) You have entertained us since day one, and you've got quite the attitude. Tonight, as I was putting you and your brother to bed, you escaped downstairs to give your dad one final kiss. I came after you, asking you to please come back upstairs so we could sing your songs. After a few attempts, you stomped up the stairs yelling 'BAD mommy!' ha.

Your favourite thing to say these days is 'Don't you never ever...' as in:

Mommy! Don't you never ever go downstairs without me. 

Soren! Don't you never ever touch my kitchen. Nope. Never. 

Daddy! You sit right there and DO NOT EVER MOVE. Yep. Yep. Daddy, don't you never ever move. 

We do get some sweet moments from you too... you love to cuddle and play with our ears. You like to give hugs, kisses, and you are very sweet with babies or dolls. In fact, we were sternly told to "talk lower" this afternoon because one of your dolls was sleeping. You are great at sharing - you'll happily hand over half of a candy or treat to Soren if he asks.

Some of your happiest moments are spent doing art - you love colouring, painting, and doing stickers. You make us delicious meals from your kitchen and can get quite creative with what you are offering... sadly you don't like to try real foods quite as much. I'm not sure what your favourite foods are, probably cookies and treats. And 'little guy coffees' - you're quite the coffee connoisseur.

I curled your hair for the first time a couple days ago, and you were pretty excited with the end result. You could also paint your nails, put on lipgloss, and beg for my make-up all day long. In the mornings, you'll sit on the floor and watch me get ready - waiting for a break in my routine where you can ask in your sweetest voice 'can I try some of that please mommy?' Somewhere over the last few months you've started calling me mommy instead of mama... and I miss hearing 'mama', except in the middle of the night which is when it was most frequently called!

Poppy - you are such a special and unique little girl. Being your 'mama' is the best and these last three years have been a (sleep-deprived) joy. We all love you so much... me, and your dad, and Soren, and all of our special family members and friends. Happy Birthday!

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