A visit to the pumpkin patch


Guess what? We went to a pumpkin patch! Us, along with pretty much every other family in the blogosphere. So... hopefully you are not too sick of fall pumpkin patch photos:)

Every year since Soren was born, we have gone to Schwabe Pumpkins on Henderson highway. This year, as we tried to carry on the tradition, we were surprised to see that they had moved. The new location is a bit of a drive north of the city, but it's totally worth it. Lots of photo ops, lots of room for the kids to run, and lots of pumpkins to choose from! In fact, we may have brought home so many, I'm having trouble finding places to display them.

It's funny how traditions mold and grow. Four years ago I never would have imagined how our family of four would look today. Looking at photos of baby Soren, I remember thinking there was no way I could love another being as much as I loved him. And here we are... plenty of love to go around!

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sonia // daring coco said...

Omg this is so darling. You have such a beautiful family.