Happier Days - A rough first week of Kindergarten


These photos make me a little sad... Soren looks SO HAPPY in all of them, and unfortunately he's a really sad little guy these days. We are officially one week into school, and Soren 'hates' kindergarten. After an enthusiastic first day, things have gone downhill quickly. There are no major issues, as far as we can tell, but he just doesn't want to go.

He vocalizes his feelings well, so apparently he will tell his teacher, while crying - 'I am trying to think of happy thoughts, but the sad feelings just keep coming back'. :( It's terrible to hear, and hard to be around him as he struggles to identify what it is that is bothering him so much. The phrase we keep hearing again and again is that he just wants to be with us, his family, and he doesn't want to be apart. We're a little perplexed, as he was totally fine with nursery school last year, and it's the same basic schedule. He says last year he was excited - while this year he worries about grade 1, grade 2, etc. and getting older. This morning he told me he wishes he could just go back to being little.

I have been at the school a couple times this week for drop-offs and pick-ups, and his teacher seems to totally understand his sadness, and thinks he'll just take a couple of weeks to adjust. We are very much hoping the same thing! It is absolutely horrible to sit down to dinner and watch your five year old burst into tears, eat a few bites of food, and burst into tears again.

One thing that is absolutely adorable are the reunions between Soren and Poppy at end of the day. They run to each other with open arms, literally bowling each other over.

And to end things on a positive note, this hike on the Sunshine Coast was absolutely gorgeous. It was actually quite rainy, but the tall trees provided a natural canopy that kept us relatively dry. The hike was at Chapman's Creek, which was just around the corner from where we were staying. The terrain kept us on our toes - lots of ups and downs - but manageable for a two and five year old. We didn't expect to hike nearly as long as we did, but both kids absolutely loved it and wanted to keep going. Poppy barely needed to be carried, except for a couple of brief breaks. I've written before about hiking with kids, and I certainly expect it's something we'll continue to do more of as the kids get older.

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