A day date with Soren - The Vancouver Aquarium


We don't always get the pleasure to spend an entire day with just one child, so when the opportunity arose last week in Vancouver, we made the most of it! Our first stop was beaucoup bakery where we filled up on croissants and cappuccinos. Next on the agenda was the Vancouver Aquarium, a place I hadn't been to in years. It certainly exceeded my expectations, and Soren was pretty excited by everything. At the end of the visit we filed out through the gift shop (like all museums/galleries) and Soren had a chance to pick out something to buy with his allowance money. Of all the things in the shop, what do you think he picked? A box of freeze-dried worms, cheddar flavoured. For a picky eater who won't eat broccoli, bananas, or grilled cheese sandwiches... freeze-dried worms were apparently totally ok for consumption:)

Tomorrow the dude starts kindergarten, which is both exciting and sad at the same time. We met with his teacher today, and he's looking forward to seeing some of his friends from nursery school. We realized reluctantly that we now have a 'school-aged child', which is a tad heartbreaking. On the other hand, we did spend an entire day exploring Vancouver without a stroller, without a nap, and with only a few melt-downs. It gave us a peek into how our adventures may look in a couple years, when we move on from having 'toddlers' to having school-aged kids. All stages are fun, and while I'm not totally ready to move on from the baby stage, I do have some pretty wonderful children to re-discover childhood with!

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