My baby flew across the country without me!


Yesterday, Soren flew to Vancouver "on his own". As he is only five, he couldn't quite travel independently - although I'm pretty sure he would have if it were an option. Instead, he got to fly with my brother-in-laws girlfriend, who is the sweetest person on the planet and whom Soren adores. Needless to say, there were no tears when he said his good-byes.

Tomorrow the rest of us will head west to spend some time in Vancouver as well as on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. It's a joint work trip/vacation, which doesn't happen often, so we are taking advantage of it.

Looking at these photos seems kind of surreal. How is this person - this guy who can pull his own suitcase, wear a backpack with ease, and call us on the phone - a five-year-old? Wasn't he JUST a baby? A tiny newborn who couldn't even hold his head up...? In a couple weeks he will start kindergarten, and that has always seemed like a big milestone to me. In fact, I can vividly recall crying/sobbing when Soren was about five days old, because I thought time was moving too quickly. In my postpartum state I could envision this tiny baby sitting up, walking, and then going off to kindergarten. Tyler tried to reassure me that those things were a long ways off, and I suppose in some respects he was right, five years is a long time. This little independent guy grows more self-assured by the day, and is growing into a polite, respectful, and thoughtful little boy. I can't wait to see him soon!

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