Lake Winnipeg / Hiking with kids


I really like walking, and in fact recently got a fitbit! It's fun to track how many steps I can take during the day, and challenge myself to do more. Hiking seems like a natural extension of walking, and is something we enjoy doing as a family, especially as the kids are getting a little older. Mind you - miss Poppy is a bit of a princess, and pretty much demands to be carried after five or ten minutes. Luckily, she is still within the weight limit for her carrier (an ergo), and she LOVES to ride in it. It's a little tough for me, but I look at it as extra exercise... all the more reason to 'deserve' a glass of wine at the end of the day:)

Last month while camping at Hecla, we went on a bit of a hike one morning. I find the key is to make it interesting for the kids, so we plan several 'destinations' along our hikes. In this case, we hiked to a look-out tower first, and gazed out over the expansive Lake Winnipeg. Next, we headed to an old lighthouse - one of the first of it's kind in Manitoba. Soren was disappointed that we couldn't actually go into the lighthouse, but it was fun to look at none-the-less.

The beaches surrounding the lighthouse were rocky, which provided for plenty of rock throwing. It was also a nice spot for a snack, so we sat down and looked for sailboats, while munching on apple slices and goldfish crackers. 

Summer activities seem so easy... especially when compared to all the prep that goes into winter things. Hats, boots, snowsuits... I'm not looking forward to it. We are taking full advantage of these long summer days, and enjoying the heat while we can. Three more weeks till school starts!


Gold Coast Girl said...

Such fun photos and looks like you guys had a great time!

Unknown said...

Hiking as carrying that little lady sounds like a good workout, however, I am sure it is really hard :) Doing all these hiking and walking is easy in spring&summer, but when it gets to colder months, the last thing I want is to leave the home. Enjoy the sunny summer days, before it gets all gloomy!

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Amazing post! Have a great weekend. :)