Ballet in the Park


Last week I saw a notice for Ballet in the Park, a summer tradition in Winnipeg that began in the 70's. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet puts on a show in assiniboine park - for free! Thousands of people come out with their picnic blankets, lawn chairs, and maybe some vino smuggled in:) At first I was thinking that perhaps Tyler and I could just go together - (what?! a date?) - but then we thought it would be fun to bring the kids. My mom came along too, and it ended up being a beautiful summer night.

My gorgeous market bag was a birthday gift, and it's been getting some good use! It's from a local winnipeg (online) store called mur lifestyle.

p.s. - I am in Vegas right now for work... I'm attending the SuperZoo show which is a huge pet retailer trade show. I've seen pink dogs, tiny dogs, and more dogs in strollers that you could possibly imagine. It's pretty entertaining:)

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Sybil said...

love the Mur woven bag!! so perfect for summer picnics!

Have a great weekend!
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