Strawberry Picking on Canada Day


Canada Day 2016 brought bright sunny skies and warm temperatures. We woke up early and headed to Prairie Berry Manitoba - our friends beautiful new u-pick farm. It's a short drive south of Winnipeg, only about 10 minutes from the perimeter and pembina highway. The kids were very excited to pick berries, and wasted no time in filling their buckets.

At one point I looked over to see Poppy picking berries from my basket... she picked me clean! After that she set about eating as many as she possibly could. The berries were big and juicy, and still cool from the night before so they were perfectly refreshing.

Once we'd gathered as many as we thought we could use, we explored the farm a little before heading home to grab our bathing suits and leave for the lake. It was a full day spent outside, just the way Canada Day should be. Since friday we've enjoyed countless berries, strawberry muffins, and fresh strawberry smoothies. Yum! I'm hoping to make it back before berry season is over, in a short three weeks.

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Sybil said...

aaahh i've been wanting to check out Prairie Berry.. Saw their sign when I drove down to the US last week!

Have a great day!

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