Saving money, eating better and having fun


In the summer, we love to go to the farmers market on the weekends. It's a nice outing to start off our saturday - a time to sip coffee and peruse the stands for the freshest veggies and sometimes some lovely flowers. In manitoba, our local farmers market opens around the end of may, but the vegetables don't tend to come in off the fields until mid-July.

On this particular saturday, which happened to be my birthday, it was pouring rain. The kind of rain that comes down sideways, and makes you wonder who in their right mind would be outdoors. ha. That would be us... or rather stubborn me who insisted that we were going to go to the farmers market on my birthday. The curls in my hair fell flat in about 30 seconds, but we did end up having some fun:)

I entrusted my little helper to select some flowers. These lovely little bouquets are six dollars, and make me smile every time I see them. They tend to last about a week, which is perfect as there is no commitment - we can get a new colour scheme next week.

Can you believe what twenty dollars can buy? I'm always fairly focused on our grocery budget, so I tend to look for sales and only buy what's in season (or as much as I can, northern winters are tough). For about twenty dollars, we can have enough veggies to last us about a week. And it's not just the cost savings, the taste is just not comparable to grocery-store purchases. This cauliflower was amazing, and it didn't hurt that it was cooked in a tin-foil pouch over a fire while camping. 

I find that washing and cutting up our produce immediately really helps when it comes to meal prep. The zucchini stayed fresh for almost a week before we threw it on the grill, and again it was absolutely delicious. The red onions have the most beautiful aroma, and even the lettuce has an actual flavour. 

If we have left-over vegetables that are not eaten grilled or roasted, we throw them in with a chicken carcass when making homemade stock. (And by we - I mean Tyler. He's the stock-maker in this family!) It's also one of my goals to do a little canning and preserving this year, now that August is practically here I know that fall is just around the corner. I'd love to fill our freezer with hearty vegetable stews and soups to warm our bellies as we move into a new season. 


Unknown said...

It is good that how you can buy everything fresh from a farmers market, it is way better than supermarkets and even everything tastes way better!

Ela BellaWorld

Anonymous said...

Which farmers market can you find the flowers?

Jalisa said...

Happy belated Birthday, girlie! Hey, was your birthday, you can go to the farmer's market if you want to, haha! You know, we have where I live and I've never gone, can you believe that? It sounds as though it just may be cheaper than Whole Foods. I mean $6 for a bouquet of flowers!? I also never tried cutting up my fruits and veggies before hand, such a great idea, thanks for sharing! I hope you have the best week ahead and your little ones are the cutest!