Little miss attitude


Poor Tyler unfortunately gets this look a lot. Miss Poppy is rather opinionated about things, and she tends to prefer me over Tyler. Sometimes this is sweet for me, as I know it's just a phase, and other times its a little bit stifling.

It's hard to believe she is only two and a half - a few weeks back someone asked if we had twins. She's tall for her age and very independent, except when it comes to me and then she just wants to be a baby. Speaking of babies, it is so cute to watch your baby 'nurse' her baby dolls and sing them lullabies. This morning I came out of the bathroom to see Poppy had three 'babies' lined up on a blanket on her floor. The blanket was perfectly spread out - she takes particular attention to details like that. I tried to eavesdrop for a moment but was spotted, so I'm not exactly sure what she was saying to the 'babies'. Something entertaining, I'm sure.

This fall she starts a three-day-a-week montessori program, and I think she'll love it. We got some letters in the mail explaining some of the schools philosophy, such as not helping with coats and outerwear at the door as it's something the children should learn to do on their own. No problems here... we hear 'I do it SELF' all day long. She often helps her brother with buttons or zippers. For all the attitude she can be just as sweet as pie, and we sure do have fun with her. Just don't get on her bad side!

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