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We are right in the thick of summer, although it's been a bit of a strange one so far. We've had our fair share of sun and warm days, yet almost every day it rains. Lots of thunderstorms, high winds, and days that start sunny, yet flip to black skies in a matter of minutes. Oh well, it could be worse. The kids are so, so excited about just about everything summer related. From berry picking, to canoeing to summer picnics - these two are up for anything.

To save on childcare costs we have staggered our holidays, so this week Tyler is off with the kids. Today they went to the science museum, and excitedly told me about all their adventures once I came home. I must say, it's much easier to head to work in the morning without having to pack any lunches, backpacks, or stress about timely drop-offs. While I miss them of course, it's only a few days until the weekend when we will be off on our next adventure. Next up - camping!

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Sybil said...

aaahhh you capture these summer moments so well!!! spectacular adventures!

Have a great day!
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