A week-end getaway - Lake of the Woods


We had the pleasure to take a week-end trip to a friends island in north-western ontario. Soren and Poppy had been talking about 'party island' for months, and I'm pretty sure they will be talking about it for months to come. 

Between boat rides in which Soren took his role of captain VERY seriously...

To selfies...

To s'mores hours and hours past their normal bedtimes. Seriously - 11pm! Sometimes I freak out about them being up at 8:10 when their bedtime is 8... so 11 was pretty crazy:) We did all survive, though.

To starting 'mornings' with a cannonball shower in the lake. 

And paddle boarding with extra weight, I mean children, to throw off our balance.

To the real party island...

And gorgeous sunsets with wine and guacamole.

Thanks Lauren and Mike for putting up with us! You have such a beautiful, relaxing retreat - and we were so happy to spend the weekend with you!!


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Great post! Thank you for sharing this to us.

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Sybil said...

omg!! this looks like the ideal weekend getaway!!! :D
amazing shots as always!

Have a great week!
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