Getting Ready for Summer Camp


This summer, we are excited to have both kiddos going to the same daycamp. It's located just down the street from us, at a community centre we visit often. I'm sure the kids are going to love it - swimming, playing outside all day, and field trips. One thing that always stresses me out about camps - or new schools - is having to pack and label SO MUCH STUFF every single day. Seriously... kids need a lot of baggage! I feel for the teachers and camp counsellors who must sort through all this 'stuff' daily, and try to ensure it finds its way to the right home.

We were excited to hear about, a Canadian company that makes high quality, safe labels for clothing and kids stuff. They have a huge range of designs to choose from, with licensed partners like Disney. The labels can be applied to clothes, lunch kits, sports equipment, and pretty much anything else that you'd like to add a label to.

I let Soren and Poppy choose their own designs, which was pretty much their favourite thing ever. Poppy wasted no time in selecting Minnie Mouse, after briefly considering Frozen. Soren took his time. We had to look at every single Star Wars option, and then every single Marvel character. We sat together for a good 45 minutes before he finally decided on Captain Phasma from StarWars. He made me promise that we can order more, some time soon:)

When the mail arrived a few days later, the kids were excited to see their new "stickers". They eagerly grabbed their water bottles and I helped them apply a label (or five). If you've ever tried labeling water bottles with markers, you'll know it's no fun. These labels go on perfectly, and several weeks later they are still looking just as good as they are waterproof. I've since added labels to most of their lunch kit containers, the lunch kits themselves, all water bottles, and backpacks. I've also added them to sunscreen, bug spray, hats, and shoes.

I must say, I feel like a proper mom looking into their neatly labeled lunch kits:) We will definitely be ordering more, especially in the fall when I'll need a solution to the endless array of mitts, boots, hats, etc. is offering a special discount of 20% off until the end of July. Simply enter the code LINDENLIFE20 at the checkout.

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