A Summer Picnic


Today was the last day of nursery school for Soren, and the end of school always signifies summer vacation, at least to me. The next two months will be filled with a couple summer camps, staggered holidays by Tyler and I, and a family vacation at the end of August. Soren told his friends at the bus stop this morning that he is going on THREE trips this summer - one to 'Party Island', one camping, and one on a plane all by himself. There are stories behind all of these... and no, we are not putting our five year-old on a plane all by himself:)

Anyways - as summer unfolds I will undoubtedly share our adventures on this little blog. The last few weeks have been busy - in addition to the end of June craziness that is baseball wind-ups, field trips, and school carnivals, I've also travelled quite a bit for work. Luckily, most of our events are behind us, and we can concentrate on the important things like bike rides and picnics.

These photos were taken a few weeks back on the most beautiful summer night. We grabbed some picnic essentials (cherries, peanut butter sandwiches, and wine of course) and selected a picturesque spot along the river for our picnic. The kids ran around, squealed with delight over every boat that passed by, and fed their sandwich crusts to the ducks. Pop wore white, obviously, because toddlers and cherries and white outfits go together oh-so-well.

We hope to spend many more evenings like this - soaking up the sun and cherishing our time together. These babes are growing up too fast, I think. This nursery graduation has been tough on me! Poor Soren worries that kindergarten is going to be 'WAY HARDER. The teacher ONLY speaks french, and we have to do a lot more work.' I know that he can handle whatever comes his way, but I do hope we still have a lot of playing in our family futures. I'm not ready for 'more work'.

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Sybil said...

Loving the idea of summer picnics, especially with the weather warming up and the daylight longer!

Have a great day!
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