Sundays at the park


Poppy's shorts are from Zara, t-shirt from joe fresh, knee socks from Kolkid, and her shoes are Vans

On the one hand, I can't believe it's May already. On the other, it sort of seems like we deserve for it to be here. After a rather mediocre spring, weather wise, the change of calendar has somehow alerted the weather that summer is truly on it's way. We are preparing for highs in the twenties all week, and our house feels soooo good to get some fresh air breathed into it. We had the windows open all weekend, and spent as much time outside as possible.

The kids were begging for a picnic, so we went on a rather long afternoon journey that involved the BDI, baseball in the park, a lot of swinging, and a little picnic of fruit and a charleston chew - something the kids were quite excited to try. Soren started baseball last week, to mixed emotions. Needless to say some practicing was in order, so we tried to get him used to hitting off a tee. He lasted about five minutes before taking off to go to the playground. Pop had to have a try too, obviously.

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