St. Norbert Farmers Market


It's back! Our favourite saturday morning activity - the St. Norbert Farmers Market. Located just a few minutes south of the city, it is a ritual we've been doing since Soren was a few days old. The sun was shining as we sipped coffees, bought the best eggs, and watched the kids climb on things that they probably shouldn't be.

I didn't get a chance to fully appreciate the band while we were there, but luckily Tyler snapped a picture. Are they not the sweetest looking group?!

Our favourite finds at the market include:
Wildfire Farms - the best pork chops and bacon
Spenst Brothers Premium Meats - smokies and farmers sausage
Natures Farm - eggs and pasta - the garlic lemon pepper linguine is delicious
l'epi de blĂ© - delicious french baked goods

p.s. - I need a pedicure! So does Tyler... we both usually indulge once per year. Pretty sure that will be our next date night activity:)

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Sybil said...

eeepp!! i can't wait to visit st norbert's this year!

Have a great week ahead!
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