Mothers Day and some thoughts on moving


We celebrated Mother's Day this year in our typical fashion, by hosting a brunch for both of our families. This year we added a new mom to the mix - my sister had a baby a few weeks back! Soren and Poppy are absolutely in love with their new little cousin. They both ask to hold her over and over again, and delight in tickling her tiny fingers and toes.

We've been totally caught up in the world of house hunting, and after a couple months of looking we stumbled upon a place that we both really liked. Trying to decide to move right now is proving to be SO difficult, though. I have a million questions - neighbourhoods, schools, can we afford it... the list goes on and on. My 'pros' and 'cons' list is constantly flip-flopping, and I think all of my dreams from the past few nights have been like nightmare house hunter episodes. It's exhausting. Normally I like to feel organized on Sunday nights - groceries in the fridge, laundry folded and put away, and the house cleaned. Tonight I stare at the toys scattered on the floor around me, the piles of unwashed clothes, and I'm pretty sure friday's lunches haven't yet been unpacked:(

Soren also picks up on everything and has made some pretty sad comments such as 'Have you saved enough money for the new house? I don't have much in my piggy bank.' And, 'Well - the new house that we like is far away, so I can't go to my old school. And that means that I can never ever see my best friends again.' Heartbreak. The little guy is only four, for goodness sake. I just want him to be happy, which I think is the universal wish of all mothers. Happy kids, happy moms. Now where we will be living... to be determined.

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