Learning to garden - Dads know best


I do zero gardening in our house. If we had the space, I might be into planting a vegetable garden, but even then I would probably hand the reins over to Tyler. He definitely has the green thumb in our family, and luckily he loves to share all of his hobbies with the kids. Poppy is all about being a helper, so she eagerly follows him around the garden and asks lots of questions. Usually about "baby" flowers.

On sunday afternoon we headed to lacoste garden centre to look around and pick up a few new plants. Nurseries are so peaceful... while my green thumb may be non-existent I do appreciate the beauty of plants and flowers. While Poppy and Tyler explored, I hung back and took some photos. They had originally wanted to go out just the two of them, but I weaselled my way in on the pretence that I wanted to practice taking photos. We slowly wandered up and down the aisles, taking a lot of time to hunt for the greenhouse cat. All of a sudden I looked down and saw poor Soren, completely passed out. We got a lot of amused looks from fellow shoppers after that - one lively two year old chatting up a storm, the other kid sleeping on the metal grates of a cart. I did take pity on him and tucked a sweater under his head:)

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Sybil said...

aahh i love greenhouses! they're so relaxing.. i don't even garden or have a space for it but i tend to go to Shelmerdine's from time to time to just see the plants and flowers! :D

Have a great week ahead!
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