All moms wear jean jackets


outfit details - dress from mad about style, shoes from franco sarto (the bay), jean jacket - really old
Poppy's adorable kimono is from petite prairie
Soren's underwear (the best!) and jeans are from mini mioche

On saturday morning I was surprised with a trip out to pineridge hollow for brunch. We went once last year and I loved it - it's a short drive from the city and is set in a beautiful old farmhouse. The weather has been warming up lately, but I knew I needed some sort of light jacket. Way in the back of my closet I found this really old jean jacket that has somehow avoided the donation pile for years. I'm pretty sure I got this in 2000... maybe 2001. And I haven't worn it in at least five years.

Anyways, I threw it on, and once we arrived at the restaurant a table of women settled in beside us. All six of them were wearing jean jackets! The next table was seated... two more jean jackets. At one point - every woman in the restaurant was wearing a jean jacket! And the age spread was probably two through seventy-two. Ha. My 'stylish' decision was clearly not very trend-setting.

Trend-setting or trend-following - I do like this current jean jacket trend. I'd been looking at some from madewell like this one - but perhaps I'll just stick to my vintage ralph lauren. Brunch was fun too, saturday mornings will my family are always my favourite. The kids ask if they need to go to school, and are then overjoyed when they realize we all get to stay together:) Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms out there - of course mine and Tyler's are at the top of the list!

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