Three days in Toronto


Last week we took a few days off - just Tyler and I - and headed to Toronto. We didn't have many plans other than tickets to a bluejays game, but we were looking forward to spending time together and taking a break from day to day life.

Surprisingly, we didn't take many photos, but I think the collection we got accurately summed up the trip. Lots of walking, shopping, visiting friends, drinking and eating. We slept soundly throughout the nights, didn't worry about bedtimes, and even managed to work out simultaneously. I found a barre class that was entertaining and difficult at the same time, and Tyler used the gym at my friends condo where we stayed.

I've visited Toronto quite a few times, but less frequently over the past few years. It was Tyler's first time there, and I think he got a good sense of what the city has to offer. I made him walk for miles and miles to get to the Club Monaco on Bloor street... well worth it:) My aunt told me about Cos, H & M's higher end Scandinavian brand, and we picked up a few cute things for me and the kiddos. We had to stop at my favourite kids store - mini mioche - and stock up on some basics.

As for food - we checked out a couple neat places including nervosathe saintgustobeer and quality meats - great burgers!, and mildred's temple kitchen for brunch which was delish. We managed to hit a couple dives too... a breakfast place that charged Tyler extra for wanting the yolks in his omelette - ha!, and a $3 beer place before the bluejays game.

We were able to pack all of our purchases into our single shared suitcase, and even brought a dining room light fixture home with us! I was a little nervous checking it... but luckily it made the journey with only a tiny dent, which has since been fixed. Little getaways like this are so important to me. It's sometimes hard to find time to have a real conversation over the din of the children, so having a couple days to just hang out with each other was wonderful. Of course we missed the little ones... and are totally back in the grove of multiple night wake-ups.

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