How do people survive long renos?


Oh my gosh... Tyler and I have come to the conclusion that we are not reno people! This past week or so has been a bit of a whirlwind. We've needed to get some repairs done to our house for some time now, but were having trouble getting tradespeople out to give us quotes. Finally I went onto Kijiji and called the first few 'handyman' ads I saw, and we ended up with a great guy. Within a couple days he was at our house giving us a quote, and three days after that he started working. 

The kids and I had a 'sleep-over' at my parents for a couple nights, and Friday night we came home to a freshly painted house. I love the colour - white walls have been something I've been wanting forever! The house was sort of a disaster though, as so many things had to be moved around. Saturday afternoon I furiously moved, cleaned, and organized - trying to get things back into some sort of order. We sat down for dinner as a family, and sighed a sigh of relief to have things 'normal'. And then... a couple hours later everything was back to crazy.

We are getting our counter-tops replaced, and as such Tyler needed to rip out all the old laminate counters. It's totally true that you never know what's behind a closed door... our cabinets which we thought were in ok condition were actually awful. The people who installed them must have been, well, let's just say not properly trained. There was a pile of old hardwood flooring under a cabinet. Not doing anything, just a pile of wood pieces 'hiding' for whichever unlucky homeowner got to discover them. 

Tyler worked ALL DAY today trying to make things work - and unfortunately more home depot trips are in his future. We have no kitchen sink, no counter tops, and all of our kitchen pots and pans are in boxes. The poor kids are a little confused and whiny - no doubt picking up on our irritation and anxiety. I can't help but wonder HOW PEOPLE DO THIS? In the grand scheme of things this is not a major reno by any stretch of the imagination, and yet it's totally thrown us. I feel like it's a bit of a 'first-world problem' to be so upset about not having a kitchen sink, when we do have running water throughout the rest of the house. It could be a lot worse. That being said, I cannot wait for all of this to be over. Draining pasta in the laundry room sink is just weird:(

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