Different Kids


As every parent probably knows, no two kids are the same. Soren and Poppy may look similar at times, but their personalities could not be more different. He's much more laid back while she is demanding and impatient. I know there is a bit of negative press around calling girls bossy, but Poppy is a little bossy. In a cute way... most of the time:)

Our mornings often go like this. Poppy wakes up first and screams and yells for me to get her out of her crib. Once she's up, she wants to know why Soren's not up. She'll zip right into his bed and start poking at his eyes - 'Soren! wake UP Soren! Time to get up! No miss bus!' Poor Soren generally rolls with the punches and gets up... slowly.

As I start to get ready she's at my heels, wanting to do every single thing I do. Brush teeth? Check. Makeup? yep. Get dressed? Today she picked out my clothes for me... and then raced into her room to pull out a pair of panties and socks. She struggles with the heavy drawer of her dresser, so typically she needs some help with selecting her outfit. Once it's decided on there is absolutely no helping her. 'Me do it MYSELF'. I pull out some clothes for Soren, or Poppy does, and ask Soren to get dressed. 'Aww... Can't you do it Mommy? I'm just too tired', he begs as he lies down on the floor. (note - this is not because he is ACTUALLY too tired! The same shenanigans happen on the weekends when we get dressed at 10am.)

As I try to convince Soren he's old enough to dress himself, Poppy's fully clothed and telling us it's time for breakfast. She'll go grab my phone off my dresser and say she's ready to go. Breakfast continues at a similar pace... Poppy 'helping' with everything and organizing us. She puts on her coat with no help, makes sure she has her lunch, and is out the door. On route to daycare she asks to stop for coffee. Not kidding - she literally asks every single day. And by ask I mean, 'But me NEED coffee, mama! No me have coffee this morning!' Ha. I wonder who she takes after?!

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