Always running


I feel like these pictures very accurately capture our day to day lives... always racing out the door, bags in one hand and stuffies in the other. To be fair, these were taken on Easter, and we were just heading out to brunch - so I can't exactly complain. I'm also not the type of person who likes to sit around and relax... at least not that much.

As we very, very slowly start seeing signs of spring - my mind can't help but think of what's next to come. What will we do next year? Should we buy a new house? Move? Renovate? Should I enrol Poppy in Montessori - or leave her at her current home daycare, that we love? Is Soren's school the right place for him? What about the highly rated school down the street from us? Is that better? Where will we be in five years? It's all a little overwhelming.

Some of these questions are pressing, others not so much. We have started house hunting and have seen a couple places we liked, but nothing perfect. In conjunction with a potential move, we have started on some minor home repairs that we really should have gotten to sooner. I've read that people always love their house the most when it's on the market to sell because they finally get around to all those 'lists'. You know, repainting trim and patching holes and maybe installing new countertops that you've been eying for years. Once our list is complete - will we love our home again? My husband jokes that he feels like we are on an episode of Love it or List it.

It's hard not to get caught up in the race of always wanting more - a bigger house, a vacation, or new clothes. When I think back to places we've lived before, like a tiny rental with painted blue cabinets, I don't remember being unhappy. We made the most of it and utilized our massive backyard, entertained friends in the blue kitchen, and addressed our wedding invitations from the dining room table. It worked, and we had fun. Our lives now are also working - better than working - we are thriving! The kids are happy and healthy, we have a roof over our heads, and lots of other great things for which we are thankful. If I could just turn off my brain... I know I would save a lot of 'worrying' energy. Or maybe we should give it all up and live in a van. Can you imagine? I know it's some people's dream, but just thinking about the logistics behind it make me anxious.

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