A sensitive child


Last week I was reading bedtime stories, and for the millionth time I picked up 'Five Little Ducks'. As I sang the song Soren chimed in, until we got to the part where no little ducks come back. "Mommy?" he asked in a small voice, "this song is just too sad!" - and he burst into tears. Poor Poppy tried to help - "it's ok, duckies come back and have babies!", but he was inconsolable. We tried to talk about how people (or ducks) grow up and move away, but the truth is it IS hard. It's hard for me to think about my baby turning five in a couple months, and I guess it's pretty hard for him too.

Another example of his sensitiveness is when I sing songs to the kids before bed. I always sing to Poppy first, but over the past few months she sometimes tells me no, she wants daddy to sing instead. I've never made the slightest issue out of this, yet Soren cries and cries. "One day she is NEVER going to want you to sing to her... and then you'll be so sad... so I'm so sad!" and so it goes. The poor guy.

He regularly catches references we think will go over his head, and he gets really worried if he thinks someone is upset. Of course - Poppy is the exact opposite of him in terms of personality, so she can sometimes rub him the wrong way. She's not very into being affectionate with him, which can bother him sometimes and make him sad. When he found out he couldn't marry his sister he was completely crushed.

Parenting is so interesting because it is always different. Just when you think you know how to handle something, the dynamics change. Right now we are in a great space with our sensitive little guy - he's overall happy and well-adjusted and polite and nice. Poppy, on the other hand, is a total terror these days. She cries about everything, doesn't listen, wakes up multiple times per night... grr... and the list goes on. She's got her own unique charms of course, and she's a great cuddler.

On another note - our renos are coming along... I'm currently making slow-cooker chili in our bedroom:) I hope to have things completed soon, and by me I mean Tyler. He's amazing me with his newfound skills in carpentry, tiling, and all things handy.

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