The Winnipeg Art Gallery with kids


On Friday night we did something that scared us a bit... we took the kids to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, or the WAG. Our friends asked if we were interested in going, and Soren was particularly excited after he learned about the Olympus collection on right now. He's been reading The Lightning Thief as his before-bed story, and it is all about Greek mythology. We explained to Poppy that she would have to listen to us and be quiet, and crossed our fingers that it would all work out.

Also, as our friends told us re-assuringly, we had four adults to two children... how hard could it be?! Luckily the evening went well, and we all enjoyed our first family visit to the art gallery. My friend had brought the kids small stuffed toys, which was a perfect choice for the night as it occupied their hands from touching off-limit exhibits. Actually, I think it was me that got reprimanded by a security guard - I was touching some pillars that I hadn't realized were part of the exhibit. The WAG is a beautiful building, and there were few other visitors on a friday night.

They have some neat children's 'peep holes' that display lego scenes depicting ancient roman/greek times. The kids both loved finding them and looking inside. Pop wasn't quite tall enough to peep in on her own - we joked it was because they are not trying to appeal to the toddler age group:)

I totally understand that some people probably think art galleries and museums are not places for small children, so I tried to keep my two as quiet and respectful as possible. Of course, they are two and four, so they like running around and had to be reminded A LOT to use indoor voices. However, I think it's wonderful that we have the opportunity to expose them to evenings like this. Not everything is a playground, and there are times and places to run and jump. How are they expected to learn how to behave, if we do not offer opportunities to learn?

If you get a chance to visit, the gallery is really interesting. I believe the exhibit has been extended again, and runs until mid-April.

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